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  • ASO Ankle Stabilizer with stays

    Great choice for preventing or treating ankle sprains. The elastic cuff closure decreases the amount of inversion possible. "Figure 8" straps replicate ankle taping. Medial and lateral removable
    Starting at $55.70
  • ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer

    The ASO EVO® is the newest evolution in the ASO® ankle brace. It has all the benefits of the original ASO® ankle brace plus the addition of an inner stirrup strap that provides greater resistance
    Starting at $58.15
  • Cushioned toe spacer

    Cushioned toe spacer provides comforting relief for the pain associated with bunions, overlapping toes, and toe drift. These silicon based spacers are soft and smooth so they won’t snag on hosier
    Starting at $18.35
  • Elements Stretch-UP Sock

    The sock is designed to keep tension on the tissue (plantar fascia) so it heals in a stretched position at night or resting. Bilateral design fits both left and right foot. Indications: Pl
    Starting at $44.10
  • Navigait AFO for Drop Foot

    Navigait MedSpec is a new alternative for users with a mild dropfoot. The amount of dorsiflexion is easily adjusted with an elastic coil to accommodate the user’s specific needs. Low profi
    Starting at $132.95
  • Orliman elastic ankle with gel pads

    Manufactured in a breathable stretch knit fabric that is very strong and soft for added comfort; its seamless construction means no uncomfortable rubbing. 3D anatomical adjustment. Includes viscoelast
    Starting at $40.75
  • Silipos Achilles Heel Pad

    The Achilles heel pad is a lightweight, comfortable, toeless sleeve that comforts, cushions, and protects the Achilles area while releasing medical grade mineral oil to help soften and moisturize the
    Starting at $30.95
  • Silipos Gel Toe Spreaders

    Antibacterial formula Relieves pressure and friction between toes Anatomically designed to fit comfortably between toes Gently divides, cushions and aligns toes -Helps correct overlapping t
    Starting at $10.00
  • Silipos gel tubing

    Silipos® mesh and ribbed knit tubes are fully lined with medical grade mineral oil gel to provide all around digital protection while absorbing shock and pressure. Tubing can be trimmed to meet indivi
    Starting at $24.40
  • Silipos Malleolar Sleeve

    The Malleolar sleeve provides mild compression to help reduce swelling in and around the ankle. Designed with 2 gel pads on either side that comfortably conforms over the ankle to moisturize the skin

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