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Spray and Stretch®

Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® is a vapocoolant (skin refrigerant) intended for topical application in the management of myofascial pain, restricted motion and muscle spasm and minor sports injuries.

It may be used as a counterirritant in the management of myofascial pain, restricted motion and muscle tension. Clinical conditions that may respond to Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® include low back pain (due to tight muscles), acute stiff neck, torticollis, acute bursitis of the shoulder, tight hamstrings, sprained ankle, tight masseter muscles and referred pains due to irritated trigger points. Relief of pain facilitates early mobilization and restoration of muscle function. The Spray and Stretch Technique is a system that involves three stages: Evaluation, Spraying and Stretching. The therapeutic value of the Spray and Stretch technique is most effective when the practitioner has mastered all of the stages and applies them in the proper sequence.

The pain of bruises, contusions, swelling, and minor sprains may be controlled with Gebauer's Spray and Stretch®. The amount of cooling depends on the dosage. Dosage varies with duration of application. The smallest dose needed to produce the desired effect should be used. The anesthetic effect of Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® rarely lasts more than a few seconds to a minute. This time interval is usually sufficient to help reduce or relieve the initial trauma of the injury. Spray Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® on the target area continuously for 4 to 10 seconds from a distance of 8 to 18 cm (3 to 7 inches) until the skin just turns white. Do not frost the skin. Avoid spraying of skin beyond this state. Reapply as needed.

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