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Tecnofit® is an "immediate fitting" polyester based thermoplastic material that was developed by Orfit® Industries with special attention to the needs of orthotists and their patients. The main application of the Tecnofit is for upper and lower limbs for orthosis, cervical collars, support and immobilization body jackets, etc.


  • Direct application on the patient;
  • Gain of time;
  • Activation in an air circulating oven (ideally at 80°C or 180°F), in a sheet oven (ideally at 80°C or 180°F) or in a
    hot water bath (ideally at 60°C or 140°F);
  • Complete elastic memory;
  • Remould able : local heating for small adaptations and for increased comfort;
  • Can be taken apart in case of accidental bonding;
  • No coating;
  • Self-adhesive without the use of glues or solvents;
  • No noxious fumes when overheated;
  • Transparent at activation temperature;
  • Excellent fingerprint resistance;
  • Extended range of thicknesses;
  • Perforated or non perforated.


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