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CAT chiropractor ajustable gun

The CAT may look and feel like other thrust adjustment devices, but it is designed for greater reliability and durability. That's why the CAT comes with the industry's longest warranty. For an added bonus, the CAT is still the most affordable thrust adjustment device available.

The CAT features padded contact points to reduce impact to your hand and arm when performing adjustments. The CAT has a soft tip that is easily replaced to keep your instrument looking new for all your patients. The CAT is compatible with established, published protocols for spine and extremity adjusting.

CAT Features:

  • 180 day warranty - longest of any manufacturer
  • 0-32 pounds (0 to 14,5 kg) adjustable thrust range
  • Replaceable soft tips
  • Cushioned palm and finger pads
  • Compatible with published protocols


Accessories (sold separetely):

Cervical Tip The special cervical tip option reduces velocity of thrust without reducing force. The cervical tip is perfect for fine cervical adjustments and for adjustments at any joint where your patient is extra sensitive.

Holster Keep your CAT within easy reach with our convenient holster. The CAT holster features a Velcro tab so your CAT won't fall. The holster also has a pocket for an optional Cervical Tip.

Replaceable Soft Tips Keep your CAT ready for your patients with our disposable soft tip replacements. These easy-to-install tips fit both the CAT and the Cervical Tip.

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