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Physio Logic® digital blood pressure monitor

This fully automatic Physio Logic™ monitor uses Fuzzy logic to set your "personalized" inflation level along with advanced oscillometric technology to accurately detect blood pressure. During deflation, the sensor detects the amplitude and slope of pressure oscillations and then determines systolic, diastolic, and pulse.

  • Large easy to read screen
  • Multi-user (4 x 30 memories)
  • Heart rate indicator
  • Date and time indicator
  • Large cuff size is available (#106-931)


Manual - Auto Inflate model

Manual - Manual Inflate model

Manual - Smart Inflate model

Manuel - Modèle à gonflement automatique

Manuel - Modèle à gonflement intelligent

Manuel - Modèle à gonflement manuel

Physio Logic Blood Pressure - Specifications

Spécification Tensiomètre Physio Logic

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