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Bongo Board

Fitter's Bongo Boards are a great training tool for surfers, boarders, skiers and extreme sport freaks. It's the fastest, most fun and safest board ever! Take one kick tail 31" deck, one dual bearing multi-rotational polyurethane wheel, bungee them together and you will have a whole lot of balance going on. Even serious athletes will love the reaction skills and tricks that they can master on Bongo Board.

This challenging product is quick, manoeuvrable and requires serious concentration. The Bongo Board is the fastest board available, but can be slowed down by using it on carpet or grass. Bongo Board is not for the timid. We strongly suggest that you follow the safety and skills guide closely and use a spotter while learning how to use this product. Fall may occur during the learning phase. Play safe, have fun and live long!

The FUNctional Bongo Balance Board will:

  • Enhance core strength and stability
  • Improve Balance and proprioception
  • Increase coordination and responsiveness
  • Heighten sense of body awareness
  • Improve sports performance

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