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TENS Cefar Easy

The TENS programs in the CEFAR® EASY effectively relieve both acute and chronic pain in the back and neck. The CEFAR® EASY can be used anywhere (at home, at work, etc.) thanks to the belt clip that attaches it firmly in a pocket or waistband.

Choose between four preset programs:
  • Pain Relief, Neck/Shoulder
  • Pain Relief, Lower Back
  • Massage, Neck/Shoulder
  • Massage Lower Back

The CEFAR® EASY runs on regular 1.5 V AA batteries, which you can buy in any store. You can also use rechargeable batteries.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Developed and approved by physiotherapists.
  • Cost-effective treatment with no side effects - no more pills!
  • Can also be used for massage and muscle relaxation.
No. channels  1
Stimulation current/channel   0-60 mA
No. of pre-set programs   4
Stimulation forms  Continuous stimulation: modulated pulse duration, modulated frequency
Pulse width300 µs
Frequency   80 Hz
Timer   30 minutes
Power supply  2 pcs. 1.2 V AA rechargeable batteries or 2 pcs. 1.5 V AA non-rechargeable batteries.
Size (W x H x D)   52 x 125 x 30 mm
Weight  About 130 g


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