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Therapeutica® pillow

The Therapeutica® sleeping pillow is the best pillow on the market today, for proper spinal alignment, offering a comfortable therapeutic sleep for both back and side sleeping.

Features :

  • Two pillow shapes are incorporated into one with different heights for back and side sleeping
  • Unique wedge to support the upper back
  • Helps to eliminate sore and stiff neck problems from sleeping incorrectly
  • Reduces snoring
  • Comes with a free fitted polyester/ cotton machine washable zippered pillow cover
  • Fits into a standard pillow case
  • TMJ sufferers can comfortably sleep on their side
  • Made of non-allergenic environmentally friendly foam
  • 5 year warranty not to loose shape or resilience
  • Comes in one child size and four adult sizes (See attach document below)

Back Sleeping Therapy:

  • Unique "Wedge Extension" supports your upper back
  • "Cervical Contour" maintains the natural curve of your neck
  • "Center Cavity" cradles head for optimal support and comfort
  • Side Sleeping Therapy
    • "Raised Side Sections" accommodate shoulder height
    • "Contoured Head Rests" keep your head and neck level
    • "Side Cavities" provide flexible cushioning, ensuring jaw comfort, essential for TMJ sufferers
    * Size matters: One size does not fit all. Use the Therapeutica® ruler as a measuring guide!

    Professional price valid for 2 pillows and more.

    * For hygiene reasons, please take note that none of the pillows can be returned.


Measuring Guide - English

Therapeutica Brochure - English

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