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EmbracePlus™ Lumbar support

The lumbar support EmbracePlus™ is the most economical model of the Innotech series products, since it does not include the air chamber and valve. It is made of concave rigid reinforcements with rubber foam layers and can take the exact shape of the spine, allowing a perfect lateral stability. This model allows you to adjust vertically the lumbar cushion in a 9'' range in height enabling you to have a good support of the spine and a better adaptation of the back in contrary to standard regular lumbar support.

Made in Canada.

Adjustable Support for your comfort & Relaxation
Embrace Air
Comfort Control uses an internal air support chamber.You adjust the amount of support to fit your changing needs. By using the straps, you raise or lower the support to find your unique, perfect fit.

Comfort Control means Custom Comfort for years of relaxed living.

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