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Intelect® Advanced Electrotherapy Unit

Intelect® Advanced therapy Systems, are a developmental breakthrough in the field of electrotherapy ultrasound and combination therapy. The Intelect® Advanced unit is capable of providing multiple modalities in one station. What begins as an electrotherapy or combination unit evolves into a complete therapy system.

The Intelect® Advanced stimulation and combination therapy system is offered in full color graphic or monochromatic version. Clinically convenient, it maintains efficiency in the clinic and improves patient care. With its innovative design the Intelect® Advanced therapy system, attention to detail is evident in all aspects from the main units, to the modules, to the therapy system cart and all accessories.


  • More than 25 clinical waveforms
  • 2 independent channels
  • Fully functional 1 and 3.3MHz ultrasound component
  • sEMG and sEMG + electrical stimulation (optional with the monochromatic version)
  • Monochromatic or high resolution color display of all screens
  • Over 200 Clinical Protocols
  • Over 100 user-defined protocol slots
  • Over 10 Quick-link Indications for quick parameter retrieval
  • Clinical library which includes full graphic anatomical and pathological libraries
  • Documentation of treatment outcomes with patient data cards
  • Sequencing to direct a designated therapeutic course without having to modify the unit.
  • For more information on this system or any other Intelect® system, you can consult the joint documents.
  • 3 years warranty (probes and accessories 1 year).


Additional two independent channels of stimulation Channel Stimulation Module that easily attaches to upgrade the 2 channel device into a 4 channel device. It includes also a color-coded front access panel to hide excessive connections and lead wires.
(* cannot be installed with the battery module)

Battery Module
The battery automatically and continually charges when Intelect Advanced unit is plugged into mains supply. The Nickel Metal Hydride battery comes in packs of 10 cells.

(* cannot be installed with the 2 channel stimulation module)

sEMG and sEMG + electrical stimulation
sEMG and sEMG activated stimulation for sports medicine, neurological rehab and incontinence therapy. Allows the therapist to isolate muscles which need to be strengthened or relaxed during the therapy session. The unit comes with 2 channels that can be operated together or separately and 3 stimulation waveforms to choose from: Russian, VMS and symmetrical biphasic. Easily snaps into any Intelect Advanced Therapy unit or stimulation module.

Vacuum Electrode System
This system is complementary to standard rubber electrodes and an alternative to self-adhesive electrodes. Quick control knobs make adjustment of cup strength simple. The unique positioning of vacuum in cart allows for efficient draining into reservoir below and makes reservoir bin cleaning easily accessible.


Physical Modalities Catalogue - English

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Product # Type Model
2762CC Combo + EMG Color
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2765CS Stim + EMG Color
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2772MC Combo Monochrome
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2773MS Stim Monochrome
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Intelect® Advanced Channel 3 & 4 Stimulation module (option)
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Intelect® Advanced and Intelect® Mobile Ultrasound applicators
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27333 1 cm2
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27334 2 cm2
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27335 5 cm2
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27336 10 cm2
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Intelect® Mobile and Advanced system cart
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Patient data card for Intelect ® unit
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27465 25 un.
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Inletect® Operator remote
Product # Model
27079 Channel 3 & 4
Qty stock:  0 Price: $ 162.00
27508 Channel 1 & 2
Qty stock:  0 Price: $ 162.00
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