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ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Adjusting Elevation Treatment Table

ErgoStyle™ ES2000 changes how all adjusting tables are viewed. The ES2000 is ergonomically designed to meet the physical needs of the clinical while providing patients with the highest level of comfort as they move from position to position. The modular design of the ES2000 allows for quick modifications and upgrades in the field. Upgrades can be added lated as your techniques and practice grow.

Standard Features:

  • Electric elevation from 20" to 31" with single foot control and expanding covers over lifting mechanism.
  • Tilting headpiece with adjustable face cushions.
  • Stationary chest.
  • Fixed pelvic section.
  • Dual Auto-Cocking foot control - Standard when auto-cocking drops are ordered.
  • Single foot pedal elevation.
  • 23" with seamless cushions with multi-density foam.
  • Paper roll holder and cutter.
  • Locking 6" extending ankle rest.
  • Lifting capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg).

Drop Options:

  • Thoracic Drop.
  • Lumbar Drop.
  • Pelvic Drop.

Headpiece Options:

  • Tilt, forward drop, adjusting Face Cushions.
  • Tilt, elevating, adjustable face cushions.
  • Tilt, elevating, forward drop, toggle drop, adjustable face cushions.

Pelvic Option:

  • Elevating pelvic section with single side control.

Elevating foot control options:

  • Dual foot pedal elevating (plastic).

Upgrade to auto-cocking:

  • Elevating table with auto-cocking, including thoracic, lumbar and pelvic drop (Air compressor sold separately).

Air ompressor:

  • Super silent 20 Amp. Compression (115V or 230V).

Chest piece options:

  • Breakaway, elevating chest with dual side control.


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