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Protection Plus knitted outline sheets

The stretchable Protection Plus' knitted sheets are made and manufactured in Quebec. They are made of 60% cotton, which provides softness and comfort of the natural fibre and also 40% polyester which facilitates it's maintenance.

The Protection Plus' sheets stretches both ways and fits appropriately on any size mattress, from 39" in width, 80" in length and 9" in height. Also available for stretcher mattress; will save you time, effort and money.

  • Offers time saving, effort and money;
  • Less replacement, easier, faster and reduces your inventory by 33%;
  • Lightweight, offers you a bigger washing load;
  • No ironing and no folding required;
  • Available with the choice of a coded-colour to identify more easily.

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Product # Size Type Color Packaging
C9996 61 x 198.1 cm (24 x 78") 125/130 GM White 1 un.
Qty stock:  54 Price: $ 25.90
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