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Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel

The Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel will become the only massage medium you will want to use!

Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel is a deluxe, water-soluble gel that offers a sensational, silky skin 'feel' like no other. This exquisite massage gel works with the therapist transitioning easily from long, relaxing strokes to deep tissue work and back to relaxing strokes with no re-application necessary.

Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and our signature blend of Calendula, Arnica & St. John's Wort, Tournesol Ultra Performance offers the many benefits of a luxurious oil and the ease and versatility of a lotion. Tournesol Ultra Performance will easily wash out of your sheets.

The Tournesol line is perfect for those looking for a natural massage medium without any harsh chemicals, nut oils or mineral oils. It includes massage gel, lotion and oil for every style of massage!

All Tournesol massage mediums are available in blended formulations with the addition of pure essential oils called Synergy_Blend. Try our relaxing Lavender, revitalizing Body Warmer, uplifting Citrus Alive , stimulating Ginger Snap! or fragrance free.

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