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3 Stages of Lumbar Degeneration model

Here's a magnetized anatomical model that shows both anterior and poster bone degeneration and related soft tissue damage! No other desktop degeneration model is as accurate or demonstrates the associated damage to discs and nerve roots.

BACKtalk have been have been increased the size by over 30% to show the bones, discs and nerves in greater detail. This model are made from a 200lb. Male instead of a 120lb. Female and that gave more room to show the variations and degenerative process in greater detail.

This model are the only one with the latest examples of bulging, herniated, protruding and extruding discs.

See how the vertebral motor units go through a loss of height in the degenerative process. Now you can explain to your patient show they "got shorter".

See enhanced examples of spinal stenosis and neurological compromise based on disc bulging, disc herniation, disc protrusion and disc extrusion.

This model also contain a bilingual card behind the vertebra sets to include call-outs so patients can look and learn while not directly engaging the doctor for answers.


Demonstration Video by Dr. Jackson #1

Demonstration Video by Dr. Jackson #2

Magnetized Anatomical Model Implementation

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