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What Dr. Frankenstein Forgot CDs

Educate, Entertain and Inspire your patients to refer others!

Send this entertaining and informative tape or CD home with each patient at the conclusion of the first visit.

Complete your patient' first visit introduction to chiropractic as they listen to this short, 7-minute recording in the ar as they leave your office.

The thought-provoking concepts and creative presentation keep patients listening to the very end. Each tape comes with it's own sleeve and includes die-cuts for adding your business card. Each CD also comes with a sleeve that has room for you to affix a card, a sticker or to stamp contact information.

Prompt patient referrals the easy way! Preview a complementary copy of this creative presentation that every new and existing patient should hear.

What patients learn
  • The nervous system controls everything
  • Afferent and efferent nerve function
  • Lack of health isn't a lack of aspirin
  • Health isn't how you feel
  • The effects of spinal subluxation
  • What new patients can expect
  • The remarkable safety of chiropractic ¿ and what Dr. Frankenstein forgot


What Dr. Frankenstein Forgot Implementation

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