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BackTalk 3 DVD Set

This amazing video set will save you precious time and increase your patients' understanding of chiropractic. The set contains "Welcome to Chiropractic Care", "Your Report of Findings" and the 3-D animated "Children and Chiropractic".

"Welcome to Chiropractic Care"
4 minutes orientation video anticipates new patient concerns and explains in advance what they can expect on their first visit to your office.

"Your Report of Findings"
7 minutes video to show your patient before your report. Using powerful visual metaphors and cutting edge computer generated imagery, these unforgettable images explain the concepts of aberrant spinal biomechanics, nervous system malfunction, muscle damage, soft tissue inflammation, and degenerative changes to the spine.

"Children and Chiropractic" 
5-minute 3-D animated movie takes your young patients through the steps of their initial appointment using a cast of fun and engaging characters. This program is a must for any doctor wanting to create a comfortable environment for children and their parents.

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