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Safe continue care postcard

Postcards that encourage patients to comply.

Sending postcards to patients isn't a new idea. After all, encouraging patients to follow through is serious business.

Send your new patients these three postcards (a different one every week or so) during the early stages of their care. Affirm their decision to begin and continue chiropractic care. Help prevent dropout by praising and encouraging your patients while they are still under care.

These postcard design feature full-color photograph and a brief sentence or two on the back. Each 4" x 6" postcard is printed on high quality coated stock and meets all domestic and international postal requirements. Supply your patients with powerful reasons to follow your recommendations for optimum results.

Like a plan of regular savings, a program of consistent chiropractic care can pay huge dividends. Invest in your health by continuing to follow your chiropractor's instructions for the greatest improvement and optimum health.

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