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Subluxation Degeneration Handout

The "Subluxation Degeneration" handout is a great introduction or report of findings supplement tool. Show the patient's X-rays a second time on the sixth or seventh visit and use these simple tear-off sheets to remind them of their current "phase" of subluxation degeneration. On the back, use a red marker to circle the most accurate tenth of a phase that the patient's X-ray findings represent.

If you use diagnostic imaging in your clinical routine, this can be one of the most powerful tools available to help the patient realize the effects of uncorrected spinal trauma and the unrelenting effects of the subluxation degeneration process.

If diagnostic imaging is not required for a particular case or if it is not a routine component of your of your regular technique workup, these sheets can still help you explain what X-rays look like and what the subluxation degeneration process is doing. These sheets are also great handout for lay lectures, trade shows and health fairs.

Also available as poster!


Demonstration Video by Dr. Jackson

Subluxation Degeneration Sample

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