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Cause & Effect poster

If you want your patients to take their chiropractic care more seriously, use this schematic diagram of the nervous system. The "Cause & Effect" poster provide an up-to-date way of showing how the nerves in the neck connect to the hands, heart and colon.

The "Cause & Effect" poster come in two sizes, plus a handy report handout size that can serve as a powerful referral tool. This simple "connect the dots" approach provides an accurate way to portray the importance of the nervous system and the role of chiropractic.

Regardess of your technique or philosophy, here's a communication tool that patients can understand. Show them that you're a nerve doctor, not just a back doctors!

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BT-LACA36 English 61 x 91.4 cm (24 x 36") Flexible laminated paper
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