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Carestream Min-R 2000 Mammography films

Kodak Min-R 2000 film yields superb resolution, detail, and contrast. Compatible with a choice of Kodak screens and cassettes, it allows you to choose the combination that best fits your needs. As part of the Kodak Min-R 2000 screen-film system, it helps you meet demanding quality control and accreditation standards with greater ease and confidence. No wonder it's presently recognized as the industry benchmark for image quality.

Enhanced diagnostic confidence
  • Optimized contrast and significantly sharper, more detailed images
  • Fewer plus-density artifacts
  • Improved detection of very small abnormalities, even in dense breast tissue
Greater consistency
  • Less daily QC variability
  • Better tolerance of minor fluctuations in processing temperature
  • Enhanced keeping quality (sensitivity and density do not diminish with film age)
Higher productivity
  • Reduced need for repeats and recalls due to image-quality problems
  • Standard-cycle processing
  • Fewer artifacts and processing problems when used with Kodak chemicals and equipment
Recommended processing
For best results, process in standard cycle with Kodak RP X-OMAT or Kodak X-OMAT EX II Developer.

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