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Carestream X-Sight G/RA X-Ray films

Carestream X-Sight films are simply the best Kodak films for general radiography. Together with X-Sight screens, they provide the advanced Kodak X-Sight imaging system - with "Zero-Crossover" technology with gradient crossover control for sharper images and more confident diagnoses. A true 400 speed system maximizes flexibility in general radiography.

This system delivers superb images with greater detail than even Carestream T-Mat films, as demonstrated by:

  • A high level of x-ray detection efficiency extending to much finer detail
  • An approximately 70% improvement in line-pair visibility at 4% MTF

In fact, the X-Sight imaging system brings to general radiography the quality and performance of Carestream InSight systems for specific imaging applications. And it does this with little or no change in your exposure equipment or techniques. The symmetrical system is easy to load and use without attention to emulsion-screen orientation. Film changers are no problem, either.

Simplify product ordering, inventory, and supply logistics by standardizing on the Carestream X-Sight imaging system for a full range of general-radiography needs. Ideal for orthopaedic visualization of very small anatomical structures, this system delivers superb results for procedures including:

  • GI/GU
  • Angiographic
  • Orthopedic
  • Thoracic

Recommended processing
For best results, process Carestream X-Sight G/RA film and Carestream X-Sight L/RA film in a standard 90-second or 60-second cycle using Carestream X-Omat chemicals (Carestream X-Omat EX II chemicals are recommended). Carestream X-Sight L/RA and Carestream X-Sight G/RA film can be processed in a rapid 45-second kwik/RA cycle using Carestream X-Omat RA/30 chemicals.

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118-3466 * MTL 35.6 x 43.2 cm (14 x 17") 100 un.
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120-1524 * MTL 25.4 x 30.5cm (10 x 12") 100 un.
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179-4742 * MTL 24 x 30 cm (9.4 x 11.8") 100 un.
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834-4517 * MTL 20.3 x 25.4 cm (8 x 10") 100 un.
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