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Carestream TMS/RA-1 X-Ray films

Kodak TMS/RA-1 film is designed for use with Kodak Lanex screens. Tolerance to exposure variation minimizes retakes in difficult and demanding conditions such as those encountered in emergency or operative radiography. Unique patented Kodak T-Grain film technology yields brilliant, sharp, low-mottle images to support easy, reliable diagnosis.
  • A standard-speed film that can be used in a high-speed system (up to 600 speed)
  • High resolution due to T-Grain technology
    • Increased detail without decreased film speed
  • Stable and reliable in automatic processing
    • Sensitometrically stable under a variety of processing conditions
  • T-Grain technology minimizes minus-density pre-processing handling artifacts that can compromise radiographic interpretation
  • No need for rescreening
    • Can be used with all green-emitting rare-earth intensifying screens such as Kodak Lanex screens or appropriate screens from other manufacturers
  • RA (rapid access) technology dramatically reduces processing time and increases productivity
    • Films can be processed in less than 40 seconds
    • Increased processing productivity can improve patient throughput
Recommended processing
Kodak T-Mat S/RA film can be processed in less than 40 seconds with a kwik/RA cycle using Kodak X-Omat RA/30 chemicals, or with a standard cycle using Kodak RP X-Omat chemicals.

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