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Chatillon® medical dynamometer accessories kit

Accessories kit for Chatillon® FCE et MSC medical dynamometers.

Item Number Description
SPK-FMG-149 Carrying Case, Large
NC002500 Hook, with Clasp
SPK-FMG-141 Pistol Grip
SPK-FMG-142 Compression Fixture, Curved
SPK-FMG-143 Flat Disc, with Rubber Pad
SPK-FMG-144 Palm Fixture
SPK-FMG-145 Compression Fixture, Rectangular (Large)
SPK-FMG-146 Compression Fixture, Rectangular (Small)
SPK-FMG-013C Extension Rod
NC000721 V-Notch Adapter, 1.0-inch
NC000725 V-Notch Adapter, 5/8-inch
NC002844 Grasp Cable, with Loops
NC000857 Knurled Nut, 5/16-18 Thread
NC000725 V-Notch Adapter, 5/8-inch
SPK-DF-US120V Charger, 120V, USA Plug
SPK-DF-HANDLE Handle Assembly

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