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Carestream EDR-2 oncology films

EDR-2 film is designed specifically for oncology applications. Compared to most x-ray films, it is relatively insensitive to x-ray energies and, hence, has a response which extends to very high exposures.

Intended for direct exposure applications, EDR-2 film extends the current line of Kodak Ready-Pack products which includes PPL, XTL and XVfilms. It is not suitable for portal imaging radiographs.

EDR-2 features:
  • Large area
  • Low cost, widely available
  • Excellent for relative dosimetry (e.g., field uniformity, equipment characterization: field shapes, port openings, MLCs)
  • With appropriate calibration, film may be applicable to absolute dosimetry (e.g., high-dose treatment strategies such as IMRT)

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