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Dorsal and lumbar Acu-Cones™ kit

Discover the benefits of acupressure!

Dr. Rick's Acu-Cones™ for dorsal and lumbar back pain is a complete do-it-yourself acupressure system designed to help relax back muscle tightness and reduce pain in the upper and lower back regions along the spine.

Using Acu-Cones™ for Dorsal or Lumbar back pain is the equivalent of someone applying deep muscle pressure with their thumbs to acupressure points on both sides of the spine. Natural, safe and effective, Acu-Cones™ will provide the added relief you deserve from tight and sore back muscles.

Easy to use, the Acu-Cones™ dorsal / lumbar kit consists of:
  • 2 dorsal cones
  • 2 lumbar cones
  • 1 Acu-Cones belt
You too can now enjoy the benefits of Acu-Cones™ at home, in the car or at the office.

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