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CervAlign® pillow

The CervAlign® is different from most pillows - it's two pillows in one! It features a unique neck lobe, fitted just for you. This curved lobe places your neck in its most natural, neutral position and maintains this proper cervical support as you roll from your back to your side.

It is the perfect complement to your professional treatments. Also, when your neck is not stiff or irritated, you can turn the pillow around and use the large upper pillow section for sleeping comfort.

Core Products tested a new sewn-in center on our CervAlign® pillows and found that this new design improves cervical support for back sleeping, while maintaining comfort and support for side-sleeping.

The CervAlign® is available in three different lobe sizes (5", 6" and 7") allowing you to get the best possible fit. A properly fitted cervical pillow places your head and neck in their most natural, neutral position. This proper sleeping posture can help alleviate headaches, neck strains, arthritis and other ailments. It can also provide relief from, and help prevent, nerve pressure and airway blockage (a major cause of snoring), and assist in the recovery from injuries. All this adds up to a better night's sleep for you.

* For hygiene reasons, please take note that none of the pillows can be returned.

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