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Cefar® ifc

The Cefar® ifc is a small, portable, two-channel interference stimulator with six preset programs. It offers both quadripolar and premodulated interference stimulation. The programming function and manual amplitude adjustment make it easy to customize treatments. The Cefar® ifc also lets you monitor treatments.

  • Choose from six preset programs with a 20-minute treatment time. Three of the programs are quadripolar interference stimulation (80¿150 Hz) and are ideal for pain relief on large areas of the body. These programs have a vector scan feature, which means that the current ¿scans" over a larger area, resulting in a wider treatment area. The other three programs are premodulated interference stimulation, which is better for treating smaller areas of the body, or treating two areas simultaneously. Patients find the premodulated stimulation in the Cefar® ifc very pleasant.
  • One of the programs is open for your own settings. It¿s easy to program in the custom parameters for each individual patient.
  • The code lock lets you lock in the patient¿s settings to ensure that the right stimulation program is used at home.
  • The Cefar® ifc makes monitoring easy, since the stimulator keeps track of treatment time and how many treatments have been done.
  • The automatic keypad lock prevents accidental changes in amplitude.
  • Precise setting of amplitude lets you fine-tune the current strength per patient in steps of 0.5 mA.
  • The Cefar® ifc runs on 1.5-V AA batteries or on the current from a wall outlet. A battery indicator in the display shows when it¿s time to charge the batteries.


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