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Intelect® Shortwave 100 shortwave diathermy

The Intelect® Shortwave 100 from Chattanooga® comes with an abundance of features not found on other diathermy units in the market.

Intelect® Shortwave 100 provides both thermal and athermal effects through qualitative dosimetry selection (I-IV). This unit will meet the requirements for the vast majority of diathermy clinical applications. Diathermy produces high frequency, oscillating electromagnetic energy which is absorbed by the soft tissues. This, in turn, increases cellular metabolism resulting in soft tissue healing. It is indicated to increase circulation, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, increase ROM, influence muscle tone and facilitate the sub acute healing phase.

Despite the list of impressive features, the user interface is remarkably intuitive and simple to use.

  • Full color LCD touch-screen interface;
  • Multilingual software;
  • Treatment setup via Thermal Dosimetry, Quick-link Indications or Clinical Protocols;
  • 200 User-defined protocol storage slots;
  • Over 90 Clinical Protocols on board;
  • Clinical Resources include:
    • Full color graphics library of anatomical images and pathologies;
    • Applicator placement images;
    • Diathermy rationale;
    • Diathermy contraindications.

Shortwave diathermy is an unattended therapy utilized to treat a wide variety of orthopedic and physiotherapeutic conditions.

Standard Accessories:
020453217 - 120mm capacitive electrodes (2x).
14712 - connection cable (2x).
14762 - indicator discharge tube.
14761 - electrode arms (2x).
14668 - user manual on cd.

For more information on the intelect® Shortwave 100, please consult the following files.



Brochure Shortwave 100 - English

Manual Shortwave 100 - English

Physical Modalities Catalogue - English

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