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Carestream Directview Classic CR System - Bundle V with EVP Plus (Veterinarian)

Improve your workflow and boost productivity with compact, single-cassette Kodak Directview Classic CR systems. Easy-to-use, the distributed CR system produces high-quality images and has a footprint that allows placement in any X-Ray room or X-Ray control console room. The Kodak Directview Classic CR System utilizes the industry standard for cassette sizes-including 15 x 30 cm for dental imaging, and 35 x 84 cm for long-length imaging.

The Bundle V is suggested for low-volume Veterinary sites where default image processing settings are typically used. It includes a software that provides some specific veterinary algorithms and functionalities.

Carestream Healthl's entire CR product suite.
Enables healthcare providers to deliver improved patient care. Featuring intuitive interface that enables image processing and multiple software options/tools. Easy to install.

Excellent image quality and speed.
With Kodak Directview EVP Plus Image Processing Software (optional). Cassette cycle times of up to 69 plates per hour for 35 x 43 cm cassettes to accommodate high-volume workflows.

Flexibility and Compatibility.
Choose from three Workflow and Image Viewing (WAIV) console configurations, choice of monitor and keyboard, floor stand or wall mount.

Kodak Directview Classic CR System for veterinarian includes:
  • Kodak Directview Classic CR System
  • Kodak Directview WAIV Console
    • Latest generation PC, Keyboard, Mouse
    • 17" Flat Panel Monitor
    • Kodak Directview V5.1 Software includes:
      • Kodak Images Processing Software
      • Multi Exposure Processing Software
      • DICOM Print Software
      • IHE Consistent Presentation of Images Software
  • Kodak DICOM Storage Service Class
  • Kodak Vet Preferences Software
  • Kodak Directview EVP Plus Images Processing Software
  • Kodak Directview Remote Patient Data Entry Software
  • Kodak Directview Black Surround Masking Software
  • Kodak Directview Low Exposure Optimization Software
  • Kodak Directview Grid Detection and Suppression Software
  • Kodak Directview Classic & Elite CR Systems, Power Cord for US&C Hospital Grade
  • 2 Kodak Directview CR Cassettes with PQ Screens - 35 x 43 cm
  • 2 Kodak Directview CR Cassettes with PQ Screens - 24 x 30 cm


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