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Carestream Directview Elite CR System with EVP Plus Mammo "Hi-Resolution"

Ideal for hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, and private clinics. The Kodak Directview Elite CR System is unique among Carestream Health, Inc.'s CR imaging solutions. It is designed for distributed and central CR applications where image quality, rapid image availability, lower costs, and high departmental productivity are critical success factors. This compact, single-cassette CR system fits in an X-Ray room and integrates a central database with multiple workstations, to improve workflow, productivity, and patient throughput.

The Elite CR with EVP Plus Mammo "Hi-Resolution" is suggested for mid- to high-volume sites where default image processing settings are typically used.

Carestream Health offers a variety of options and accessories for the Kodak Directview Elite CR System that help maximize the performance, convenience, and functionality of healthcare providers of all sizes and complexities.

Small enough to be placed in an X-Ray room or X-Ray control console room. Flexible to accommodate general radiographic exams including long-length imaging.

With Kodak Directview EVP Plus Image Processing Software. Uses all Kodak Directview cassettes with rigid screens.

Online context sensitive "Help" feature and improved service diagnostics result in more system uptime and fewer on-site repair calls. Reliable, distributed or centralized CR system, Intuitive; easy to use.

Kodak Directview Elite CR System with EVP Plus Mammo "Hi-Resolution" includes:
  • Kodak Directview Elite CR System
  • Kodak Directview WAIV Console MAX HR
    • Latest generation PC, Keyboard, Mouse
    • 21" - 3MP Flat-Panel Monitor (not a touch screen)
    • Kodak Directview V5.1 Software includes:
    • Kodak Images Processing Software
      • Multi Exposure Processing Software
      • DICOM Print Software
      • IHE Consistent Presentation of Images Software
  • Kodak Directview Advanced Workflow Software Pkg
    • Kodak DICOM Modality Worklist Management Software
    • Kodak Procedure Code Mapping Software
    • IHE Scheduled Workflow Software
  • Kodak DV Classic/Elite CR Systems, Floor Stand with Cassette Holder
  • Kodak DV Classic/Elite CR Systems, Floor Stand Keyboard and Tray
  • Kodak DV Classic/Elite CR Systems, Floor Stand Barcode Reader
  • Kodak Directview EVP Plus Images Processing Software
  • Kodak DICOM Storage Service Class
  • Kodak Directview Black Surround Masking Software
  • Kodak Directview Low Exposure Optimization Software
  • Kodak Directview Grid Detection and Suppression Software
  • Kodak Directview Administrative Analysis and Reporting Software
  • Kodak Directview Classic & Elite CR Systems, Power Cord for US&C Hospital Grade
  • Kodak Directview CR Mammography Software
  • Kodak Mammo X-Ray Interface (Note: Please add in an interface cable and the associated cost from the table below)
  • 4 Kodak Directview CR Mammo Cassettes with EHR-M3 Screens - 24 x30cm
  • 4 Kodak Directview CR Mammo Cassettes with EHR-M3 Screens - 18 x 24cm


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