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Portable X-ray system for veterinarian PXP-40HF Plus

The Poskom PXP-40HF Plus portable X-ray unit is the most compact, ultra-light and powerful unit from its category. This unit was created for the small and large animal veterinarian practitioners, on both field and clinic use. The PXP-40HF Plus offers plenty of penetration for shoulders, necks and even C-spine images, as well as good contrast in all radiographic images.

Features of PXP-40HF Plus system:
  • Ultra light Weight )27 lbs) & Compact size
  • High frequency Generator: 90KV and 20mA.
  • 35-16 mA
  • 40-100 kV
  • Affordable price for veterinary practitioner
  • Auto-line voltage compensation makes x-ray output constant without influence of a line power fluctuation
  • Built-in Halogen collimator and Laser pointer
  • Scale measure for SID (Source to Image Distance)
  • Flat touch panel digital display
  • Toggle switch for LED read-out reverse
  • Power Requirement: 112/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Standard Accessory: Power cord cable, Exposure hand switch, Metal carrying case and manual.

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