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X-ray system Innovet® Select HF

The Innovet® Select from Summit is an all integrated X-ray system with the smallest footprint of its category which makes it easy to fit any x-ray room's dimensions. With its high frequency generator and over 15 options available to customize your x-ray system to your needs, the Innovet® Select will provide you the best radiographic images possible. The Innovet® comes standard with 7 years parts warranty, the best in the industry.

Features of X-Ray system Innovet® Select:
  • Tilt-out control panel
  • High Frequency 300 mA, 125 KV
  • Automatic generator "shut-off" circuit
  • High voltage transformer mounting shelf
  • Stationary table top
  • Animal restraining device
  • Simplex non-metallic cassette tray
  • Collimator swivel mount
  • Table top 53" x 24"
  • 40-125 kVp
  • Digital panel
  • Warranty: 7 years (on parts).

  • Additional 30 or 400 mA capability
  • Additional 500 mA high frequency capability
  • Anatomical programming
  • 2-way float table top
  • 4-way float table top
  • Table top fluid trough
  • Table-top extension (either end) adds 12" of table top for very large animals or standing lateral views.
  • Cassette storage bin with accessory drawer
  • Exposure foot treadle with latching prep circuit
  • Wall mounted hand operated exposure switch
  • "No-hands" collimator light control system
  • Tie-down brackets offer non-manual restraint capabilities
  • Innovet DVM Digital Veterinary Module


Brochure Innovet Select & Specialist - English

Brochure Innovet Select HF - English

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