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X-ray system Innovet® Versa

Innovet® revolutionized veterinary radiography in 1991 with the first X-ray system designed by veterinarians. Since then, Innovet® has manufactured more than 6,000 veterinary X-ray systems, making it the #1 veterinary X-ray manufacturers in the United States. All Innovet® X-ray systems are built in an ISO 9001 certified factory in Chicago, IL.

The Innovet® Versa is the newest innovation from Summit. This new all integrated X-ray system uses a small footprint and is made out of a high density plastic which will make it extra durable. With its high frequency generator and over 15 options available to customize your X-ray system to your needs, the Versa will provide you the best radiographic images possible. The Innovet® comes standard with 7 years parts warranty, the best in the industry.

Features of X-Ray system Innovet® Versa:
  • 300 mA high Frequency generator (500mA optional);
  • Ready for DR retro-fit;
  • Dessus de table 56" x 24";
  • 40-125 kVp;
  • Digital panel;
  • Encased X-ray tube reduces radiation leakage by over 50%;
  • Unique tube column and tube cover safeguard staff & patients from exposed electrical wires;
  • Rounded corners prevent hip-level bruising common to veterinary technicians;
  • Bulb replacement is done in minutes without the use of tools;
  • High-density, durable plastic exterior showcases, a glossy finish that is easy to clean and never rusts;
  • Warranty: 7 years (on parts).

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