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Variable bathing system GK Magic 3000

Lifting bath tub GK Magic 3000 with electric height adjustment and electronically controlled operation via the panel.

  • Activation of bathing system with magnetic access card.
  • Bath and skirt constructed of fibreglass.
  • Console made of ABS with locking desk lid.
  • Height adjustable mounting legs.
  • Hand grips provided for enhanced safety.
  • Rubber protection for tub.
  • Ergonomically designed tub ensures greater movement for user and ease of use by the care giver.
  • Touch panel for operating of electronic functions with digital read out for bath temperature, shower- and fill in temperature.
  • Pre-fill with three automatic pre-set levels, a manual shut off makes it possible at any time to turn pre-fill off.
  • Diagnostic service display allows the user to quickly identify bathing system's service requirements.
  • Adjustment of temperature via touch panel.
  • Electronic monitoring of temperature for fill in and shower, with two scald protection systems independently controlled.
  • Bath system can be individually adjusted to make the bath shorter.
  • Patient shower with white hose 2,100 mm, self control trigger and integrated sensors for automatic activation and shut off.
  • Shower brackets provided with drip proof channel.
  • Power conservation feature automatically shuts off unit after bathing process is complete.
  • Automatic drain system operated via touch panel, drain will close automatically.
  • Hi/Lo function of tub with back lighted touch pads.
  • Two electric actuators for height adjustment to any level.
  • Battery for emergency lowering.
  • Standard, commercially available valves and fittings.
  • Built in backflow protection.
  • System is free standing.

Technical specifications:
  • Supply:
    • Hot and cold water: fitting R ¾"
    • Connecting sleeve for drainage: DN 50
    • Electric power: 230 V / 50 Hz 
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall height: 1250- 1650 mm
    • Overall width: 930 mm
    • Overall length: 2240 mm
  • Working height: Adjustable from 680 mm to 1080 mm
  • Weight: Tub filled: Approx. 450 kg
  • Tub capacity: Approx. 250 liters
  • Inspections: CE & CSA601.1 M90 mark

  • Injector disinfection:
    • The disinfection unit may be controlled by the panel.
    • Red shower head with a 2000 mm long hose.
    • Automatic closing valve with a built-in flowrate meter disinfection fill level indicator on the display programmable conventional disinfection or forced disinfection from 1 to 30 minutes.
    • The display also shows the remaining residence time in minutes.
    • If the bath tub has not been rinsed after the disinfection process, the bath tub cannot be refilled.
    • The disinfection unit will be locked automatically if the tub is filled.
    • The shower head, including a drainage for rest water, is tagged to the console.
    • The disinfection unit is pre-configured for using commercially available 5 litre bins.
  • Hydromassage with 5 jets.
  • Connector with massage tube:
    • A connector is used to make it possible to use pressure jet massage, whereby the tube and the massage jets are included.
  • Underwater light.
  • Shampoo and bathoil dispenser:
    • Built-in shampoo- and bathoil dispenser.
    • The dosing pumps are controlled by the keypad.
  • Ultrasound system.
  • Tub shorter.
  • Head rest.
  • Backflow preventer.


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