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Theta 500

A stimulator that has been developed from the experience of electrotherapy with a user interface and technical qualities that allows you to progress the use of electrotherapy. The unit is Mi-ready, which means that the Mi-Technology is prepared and built in, ready to use when the optional Mi-Sensor leads are purchased.

Main features:
  • Programmable: In Theta 500 you can create and personalize your own programs , in order to customize the parameters especially for your patients.
  • Mi-ready: The device is ¿Mi-ready¿. By purchasing two cables with Mi-sensors you can take the advantage of the Mi-technology with Mi-Range, Mi-Tens and Mi-Scan. The Mi-technology helps you to get the most out of your stimulator in terms of comfort and optimizing the stimulation.
  • 2+2 function: You now have the possibility to use the 2+2 function which means that you can choose one program for the channel 1 and 2, and then select one program from the 2+2 program list for channel 3 and 4. This means that you could treat two different body parts at the same time, or combine NMES and TENS as one treatment.
  • A selection of 51 unique programs: With Theta 500 we introduce a selection of indication specific programs which makes it easy for the PT to treat a patient with the optimal program parameters. Covers Pain relief, Rehabilitation, Sport, Fitness, Aesthetic and Massage categories. A carefully selected collection of the best programs from Cefar and Compex®.

Other features:
  • Delivered with a detailed Practical guide. Here you¿ll find guidelines and treatment recommendations for all programs included in the stimulator. You¿ll also find illustrations over the suggested electrode placements on the fold out cover.
  • A motor point pen is included in the kit. Use the dedicated program and ensure the optimal electrode placement.
  • 4 channels handheld, easy to transport, cover big areas and treat the body bilaterally.
  • Available in ten languages: EN, FR, GE, SP, IT, SE, NL, PT, TU, GR.

Technical features:
  • Back lit , graphic, pixel based display.
  • Fast recharging of the battery, maximum 2,5 hours.
  • A symmetrical, 100% compensated, biphasic waveform ensures safety (no burns), comfort (comfortable stim) and effectiveness (optimal stim), in order to reach to be able to use the highest possible intensity and by that reach the highest amount of muscular fibers which is crucial for the result.
  • An IPS (Independent Protection System) is implemented in the unit. The system masters all pulses sent on the 4 outputs. In case of an unwanted situation like too much energy, too high current intensity, too high frequency, current leakage or wrong compensation (not exactly 100%), the IPS system instantly stops any transfer of energy to the outputs and turns off the device. This concept has been patented. The failure situation is recorded within the unit and this becomes a valuable help for the after sales service, who can detect and solve the error.

Please consult the brochures for more details.


Brochure Theta 500 - English

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