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McKenzie® lumbar Roll

The Original McKenzie® Early Compliance™ Lumbar Roll now features a new, non-wrinkle, 100% polyester fabric for an updated look and feel! The mock mesh fabric construction is moisture wicking, very durable, and closely conforms to the contours of a lumbar roll while it is compressed.

The Original McKenzie® Early Compliance Lumbar Roll is perfect for youth, petite persons, or patients with acute discomfort that cannot tolerate a larger size lumbar roll.

In acute cases, The Original McKenzie® Early Compliance Lumbar Roll can be used temporarily until function and mobility are restored. The patient can then switch to the fuller support of other lumbar rolls.

11" long x 4.75" diameter
11" long x 3.75" diameter

Strap contains latex.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Product # Size
OP701 28 x 12 cm (11" x 4.75")
Qty stock:  19 Price: $ 26.05
OP704 28 x 9.5 cm (11" x 3.75")
Qty stock:  1 Price: $ 23.40
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