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Oakworks® Prone Pillow Cushion

The Prone Pillow is designed to comfortably support your clients during a variety of procedures and offers excellent air flow for long prone procedures. The Prone Pillow can be used on any horizontal surface. The unit is composed of a easily cleaned, durable polymer platform and a proprietary pad system made up of 2 removable, positionable pads: the Head Rest Cushion and the Support Pad. These pads are positioned on the platform through the use of Velcro® attachment strips that hold the pads securely in the perfect position for both comfort and procedural need, regardless of client size.

Prone position:
The Head Rest Cushion can be positioned anywhere along the length of the large vent to accommodate clients of different heights. The width of the pad can be adjusted before placing the cushion on the platform to fit different size faces. Adjust the Head Rest Cushion placement for comfortable support by positioning it along the Velcro® strips so that the head/face and shoulders are equally supported.

Supine position:
The Head Rest Cushion can be used to facilitate comfort and support when the client is lying in a supine position by turning the cushion around on the platform so that the open end points away from the client. This angle provides cervical support to the client when in a supine position.


  • Platform: 19" x 19"
  • Support Pad: 3" x 6" x 19"
  • Crescent Face Cushion: 11" diameter
  • Aluminum Equivalence (nominal) of x-ray attenuation:
    • Platform 0.44 mm @ 100 kVp & HVL of 3.6mm
    • Support Pad .86 mm @ 100 kVp & HVL of 3.6mm


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