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Rayence Flat Panel Detector Digital DR System

Rayence, manufacturers of digital detectors with Gadolinium (GoX) and Cesium (Csi) scintillators, offers you different sizes to allow you to have a detector whose size is best suited for your practice. These detectors are second generation which translates into higher performance and lighter units than those from the first generation. Both the acquisition and diagnostic software have undergone a transformation in order to become more user friendly, easy to use and also entirely compatible with DICOM 3.0. format.

A 17" x 17" fixed detector will allow you to view bigger pictures, a 3" x 17" will display better image, ideal for veterinarian, or chiropractic clinic using medical imagery.

The 14" x 17" detector can be removed easily and gives you the freedom to use a wall bucky and a radiographic table.

A detector that can be removed with or without wires size 10" x 12" or 12" x 10" is ideal for podiatry clinics or veterinary practice that treats big animals.


  • Gadox of Cesium scintillator.
  • Pixel pitch of 127 µm.
  • 3.9 lines pairs /mm
  • Software available in French and English.

Acquisition software and diagnostic specifications:

  • Software with interface designed for medical or veterinary practices.
  • Shooting images using algorithms designed for medical and veterinary practices.
  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • 3.0 Software entirely approved by DICOM 3.0.
  • Software to burn CD/DVD.
  • Software to format images and transfer them onto USB key.
  • Software that allows you to send images via e-mail in DICOM, JPEG and other formats.
  • Gives you the possibility to proceed in macro file hence allowing you to view the shot before you take it in order to facilitate the process of shooting images.
  • You have all the basic tools required for reading and diagnostic.
  • You also get tools, customized for you practice wither you’re a chiropractor or a veterinarian.

Options :

  • Automatic stitching software for scoliosis related images.
  • O&R software for more medical options.
  • Gives you the opportunity to send your images to a PACS system off premises.
  • Possibility to have an interface linked with the administrative software of the clinic.
  • Gives you the possibility to install an interface between your generator and the acquisition software to work the complete cycle of acquisition straight from your computer. But first, we must make sure that the required interface can be installed to your generator.

The detector has a 5 years warranty; the IT components (server, monitor and accessories) have a 3 years warranty and the installation as a 12 months warranty.


10" x 12" Wireless DR Pannel - English

14" x 17" DR Pannel - English

14" x 17" Wireless DR Pannel - English

17" x 17" DR Pannel - English

17" x 17" Wireless DR Pannel - English

Acquisition Software Xmaru for Chiropractic - English

Acquisition Software Xmaru for Medical - English

Acquisition Software Xmaru for Podiatry - English

Acquisition Software Xmaru for Veterinarian - English

Rayence Profile - English

Veterinary Rayence Solutions - English

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70001210SGA 25.4 x 30.5cm (10 x 12") Gadox
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70001417WCC 35.6 x 43.2 cm (14 x 17") Cesium Wireless
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70001717SCC 43.2 x 43.2 cm (17 x 17") Cesium
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