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TradeFlex Electric Flexion Table

The TradeFlex Electric Flexion table features variable flexion speed and treatment timer, electric tension controls, a wide variety of drops, and the ability to perform figure 8 range of motion traction. The pelvic cushion will drop in either a flexed, neutral or extended position and can be locked while in a flexed position. The table also features a smooth range of 15 degrees of lateral flexion and a flexion depth of 15 degrees to accommodate almost any angle of drive. A removable flexion control t-bar allows the doctor to move freely around the table which improves patient and doctor comfort. The TradeFlex table allows optimum correction of spinal subluxations or disc problems yet, can still function as an exam, adjusting or therapy table. This versatility will save the doctor time and money.


  • Paper Roller, Cutter & Guide Bar.
  • Ankle Extension.
  • Comfort Cushions.
  • Black Base.
  • Break-Away Abdominal.
  • P/A Flexion.
  • Rear Lateral Flexion.
  • Short T Bar.
  • SST Strap.
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • Flexion Timer.


  • Elevation options include 21” to 29” lowered height, ordered in 1” increments as measured from the floor to top of cushions E43000 elevation has 8” of lift for patient convenience and doctor comfort (Electric Elevation is optional).
  • Table may be ordered in 1” increments with standard non elevating base as measured from the floor to the top of cushions 20” to 28”.
  • Length 73”.
  • Extended 83”.
  • Ankle Extension width 25”.
  • Pelvic cushion width 22”.
  • Thoracic/Lumbar cushion width 22”.
  • Cervical cushion width 16”.
  • Voltage: 115 V.
  • Frequency: 60 Hz.
  • Shipping Weight: 460 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 89” L x 31” W x 31” H.


  • Tilt, Forward Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions.
  • Tilt, Elevation, Adjustable Face Cushions.
  • Tilt, Elevation, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Cushions.
  • Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions.
  • Tilt, Elevation,Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Distraction, Adjustable Cushions.
  • Thoracic Drop.
  • Lumbar Drop.
  • Pelvic Drop.
  • Elevation Long Axis Distraction.
  • Extended Height beyond 29 Inches (Per Inch).
  • Voltage Converter


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