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The TriggerWheel® performs trigger point therapy and myofascial release. It is especially effective at myotendon and bony junctions. Use the TriggerWheel® to replace the thumb around small, difficult areas like the TMJ, occipital ridge, trapezius, parascapular, pectorals, elbow, wrist, knee, ankles. Once the trigger point is located, a gradually deeper back & forth rolling pressure releases the reflex mechanism - and the contracted muscle relaxes. When muscle is relaxed it physiologically feels better, works harder, has greater endurance, and recovers faster.

  • Fits in your Pocket, Purse, or Bag.
  • Relieves Muscle Pain & Stiffness in Seconds.
  • Endorsed by Hospitals, Clinics, and Institutions.
  • Made of Nylon & Steel - Lasts Forever.
  • A Must for Computer Users.

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