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BioHuile massage oil - Rice bran

BIOHUILE for massaging offers a line of plant based high quality dry oils. They are odourless, gentle, fluid and hypoallergenic oils that are specifically selected for massage professionals or other therapists and other body therapies. A light blend of ultra fine, organic high quality oils, they are naturally soft and smooth.

A bit of history: cultivated for thousands of years in Asia, rice is now used throughout the world. A large majority of the active components of rice is contained within the bran and the grain's germ. Rice bran oil, obtained by cold pressing the exterior of the rice grain (the bran), reunites the gamma oryzanol, the enzymes, the phytosterols, the ferulic acid and vitamin E.

Oil qualities :

  • Cereal source of vitamin E
  • Fluid, silky and odorless.
  • Excellent penetrating factor
  • Dry touch: leaves the skin feeling soft without a greasy film
  • Hypoallergenic

Much appreciated for the following needs:

  • For a high quality neutral massage.
  • For a creative massage: may be mixed with one or more essential oils.
  • Hydrate the skin, nails and hair.
  • Reputed to activate peripheral blood flow.
  • Effectively drains and decongests oedematous zones.

Essential oils may be mixed directly in the palm of your hand or in a small container. BIOHUILE may also be mixed with the other massage balms by Les Soins Corporels L’Herbier for a more personalized treatment.

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HUI001RIZ 1 L (36 oz fl. US) 1 un.
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HUI004RIZ 4 L (1.06 gal US) 1 un.
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HUI060RIZ 60 ml (2.03 oz fl. US) 1 un.
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HUI250RIZ 250 ml (8.45 oz fl. US) 1 un.
Qty stock:  0 Price: $ 16.10
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