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Commander Echo™ Goniometer

The Goniometer is designed to help evaluate range of motion in both large extremity joints and small finger joints.

It is a breakthrough for range of motion (ROM) evaluation of the extremities, hands and feet. This incredibly efficient product streamlines both evaluation and documentation so you can achieve more productive treatment time. It is the most efficient choice when you need to evaluate range of motion for differential diagnosis, treatment planning, progress tracking, functional testing and impairment rating.

Product Highlights:

  • Accommodates flexion through hyperextension.
  • Gathers realtime Numerical Data.
  • Allows you the ability to create custom tests.
  • Documents immobile joints.
  • Evaluates active and passive ROM.
  • Accommodates flexion through hyperextension.
  • Tests large extremity alignment with arm extensions.
  • Two-way communication automatically verifies data integrity.
  • Diminutive size for accurate readings of small joints.
  • Integrated Enter switch for faster readings.


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