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Primera™ TENS/NMES

  • Extensive range of programs – 8 TENS and 6 NMES Programs.
  • The HAN TENS Waveform, further differentiates PRIMERA from the rest.
  • The PRIMERA features a proven circuit with over 10 years of reliable performance.
  • Complete package includes: PRIMERA Unit, Carrying Case, Battery, Leadwires, Dura-Stick Electrodes, Back Support Belt and User’s Manual.
  • Two-year Warranty.

Detail about the HAN Waveform:

In 1965, Drs. R. Melzak and D.W. Wall proposed a theory for the management of pain which they titled the “Gate Control Theory”. This hypothetical closing of a “gate” with electrical currents spawned the development of implantable and transcutaneous electrical stimulators to control pain which led to the first commercial marketing of conventional high frequency TENS devices in 1970. Drs. R.R.S. Cheng and B. Pomeranz landmark study in 1979 introduced the concept of naturally occurring opioid analgesics.

in the body that were discovered to play a role in reducing pain. It was found that the production of these endogenous opiates could be increased by introducing low frequency electrical stimulation.

Since 1979, however, no significant findings have been made and consequently no improvements have emerged to change the basic techniques of low and high frequency stimulation in TENS. Today that has changed. Due to recent research on endogenous opiates; a new and more effective TENS device has been developed.

Dr. Ji Sheng Han at the Neuroscience Research Institute at Beijing Medical University in Beijing China has done extensive research into electro-acupuncture and the role of endogenous opioid peptides in pain control for decades. In 1991, Dr. Han found that while low frequency stimulation accelerates the release of encephalin and 13-endorphin in the brain to manage pain, slightly higher frequencies of stimulation are more effective in accelerating the release of dynorphin in the spinal cord resulting in a suppression of anterior horn neuron activity to reduce muscle spasm.  Based on the results of a series of careful study Dr. Han has come to the conclusion that the best parameters for pain and spasm reduction is a precisely controlled sequence of Dense-and-Disperse (DD) modes of stimulation where 2 Hz is alternating with 15 or 70 Hz, each lasting for 3 seconds. Under these special Han parameters all 3 kinds of opioid peptides are released simultaneously. This produces a synergistic analgesic effect for faster, greater and more long-lasting pain relief results.

For more detail, please consult the pdf file.



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