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NeuroTrac® PC Software

This Software is an accessory to NeuroTrac® devices which have EMG or ETS functionality: MyoPlus family and  Simplex. This software facilitates and expands the user interface and features of your EMG Biofreedback /ETS unit. It's designed to be used for a wide range of physiotherapy applications. Designed for therapist in mind, but can be used by the Patient for home training. Used as Biofeedback assessment and training tool.

Therapist tools

  • PC Database System for Patients Sessions and Home Compliance storage.
  • Single or Dual Channel EMG data and Neuromuscular Stimulation (ETS)
    monitoring and data storage.
  • Individual structured patient EMG template design.
  • Structured protocols for consistency of patient evaluation.
  • Comprehensive treatment and printed Progress Reports.
  • Download & Maintenance of the Home Compliance data from MyoPlus.
  • Displays stimulation time and EMG between STIM Work periods which
    is particularly useful for the correct using of Stimulation.
  • Displays EMG as low as 0.2µV and up to 2000µV.
  • Analysis statistics, records and prints off comprehensive reports of
    work/rest averages, onset muscle contraction and release time,
    peak value, work / rest standard deviations, average current used and stimulation time.

Compatibility and performance

  • Compatible with  ALL EMG and ETS NeuroTrac® devices.
  • Compatible with either fiber Optic or Bluetooth connection, depending on NeuroTrac® unit model.
  • Easy to install and operate on laptop or desktop.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP with monitor 800 x 600 px or wider.
  • Allow at least 0.5 GB on your HDD for Installation and Database.


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