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Universal Upright Raymaster radiology system

The Universal Upright Raymaster radiology system has been designed to answer the needs of chiropractic clinics and offers the best value on the market.

Del Medical has been manufacturing and distributing, for the last 80 years,  quality radiology systems worldwide and Universal system is one of their trademark.

The Universal Upright Raymaster system is multipurpose, since it will be your radiology source for either your analogue (film based) or digital (CR or DR technology) needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and  quality system, this system is for you. It will meet your expectations since the warranty is 5 years on parts and 5 years prorata for the tube.

MTM has been installing and servicing radiology systems for over 30 years and our qualified technicians have been specifically  trained on the systems we offer, being analogue or digital.

Features :

  • Vertical wallstand with electric locks.
  • Wall stand height : 220.4 cm.
  • Bucky with grid size 43 cm X 43 cm.
  • Focal spot vertical travel range:  148,28cm.
  • Tube stand with electric locks.
  • Rails : 6 feet longitudinal floor and ceiling rails allows for 40 inches and 72 inches film distances.
  • Tube rotation : 180 degrees.
  • Collimator : Ralco.
  • Tube : Toshiba 06mm - 1,5mm, 200KHU.
  • High frequency generator 32kW, 400kHz.
  • High frequency cable : length of  15’.
  •  kV range : 40 - 125kv.
  •  mA range: 40 - 400mA.
  •  mAs range : 0,1 - 500mAs.
  • Anatomical programs.
  • Installation requires simple phase  line.
  • Manufacturer : warranty of  5 years on parts and 5 years prorata on tube.
  • MTM : 12 months on labor.

Options :

  • Longer rails for tube stand for special projects.
  • AEC cell for automatic radiographic  exposure techniques.
  • Generator : available in 40kw and 50kw version.
  • Integration of DR digital detector in wall bucky.

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