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Intervertebral discs model with nerves

This Academic LxH Disc Model is one of the best selling models of its category.

Details include:

  • Herniating (or disc prolapsing) nucleus pulposus with a realistic 2-part disc allowing 6 degrees of freedom and nuclear migration upon manual compression through a torn annulus fibrosus.
  • Right posterior-lateral radial and circumferential tear.
  • Transparent L4.
  • Clinic white opaque L5.
  • Embedded nuclear structure to demonstrate nuclear shifting dynamics.
  • Endplate (blue).
  • Endplate pores (black).
  • Endplate lesion (red).
  • Vasculature in L4 vertebral body (red).
  • Facet hyaline cartilage (blue).
  • Facet subchondrial vascularization (red).
  • Facet tropism (L5 inferior).

Detailed cauda equina includes: sensory and motor divisions, doral root ganglion, recurrent meningeal, gray rami communicantes, posterior primary division, dura mater, arachnoid sheath, rootlets, properly placed nerve root to accurately demonstrate the most commonly affected nerve with a post-lateral herniated intervertebral disc model.

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