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  • Com-Pressor Belt

    The Com-Pressor® is a pelvic belt which applies a variable amount of compression to specific locations of the pelvis. It allows customization such that the pelvis can be compressed where it is needed
    Starting at $66.45
  • CoreProducts Better Binder Post-Partum Support

    The versatile and shape-adaptive Better Binder, designed by a physical therapist, holds and hugs the post-operative belly, remodels lymphedemic bellies and gives bariatric patients comfort and control
    Starting at $0.01
  • CoreProducts Maternity Support

    Provides extra support and helps relieve pressure on abdomen. By supporting the weight of the abdomen and transferring it to the spine, this support creates more comfort for both mom and baby. Elastic
    Starting at $60.90
  • Loving Comfort Maternity Support

    The Loving Comfort® uses the same design as the clinically proven Mother-To-Be®. Maximum comfort for women with moderate symptoms, the Loving Comfort® maternity support is made from lightweight ventil
    Starting at $54.30
  • Med Spec sacroIliac Belt

    The Med Spec® sacroiliac belt helps stabilize and support the sacroiliac joints, thereby relieving stress and discomfort at these core weight bearing joints. The superior materials of the Med Spec® Sa
    Starting at $47.40
  • Mother-To-Be belt

    The Mother-To-Be® transfers the weight of the abdomen back to the spine, where the body carries it naturally. By shifting the weight within the center of gravity, this pregnancy support relieves strai
    Starting at $73.65
  • Mother-To-Be Maternity Support

    The patented Mother-To-Be offer maximum support for women with strong symptoms. It help to relieves strain on muscles and ligaments by transferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine where it can
    Starting at $89.00
  • Universal Trochanter Belt

    The trochanter belt from Core® are easy to fit - universal size. A durable, plush, 4" high 5000 closure hook-and-loop laminate body permits universal sizing with maximum support to the sacrum. El
    Starting at $22.85

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