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Floravi Vaginal Dilators set

The Vaginal dilators from Floravi are used to help exercise the pelvic floor muscles and, over time, will relieve the pain associated with vaginal conditions. The dilators help the vaginal cavity to widen and deepen. Set of 4 units, gradual size and length. Made of high quality silicone. Growth curve to facilitate the...

$ 79.95

Kegel pelvic floor exercisers

Wearing Floravi Kegel exercisers stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor. This helps to prevent or limit urinary leakage du to physical effort, strengthen the vaginal walls and achieve better neuromuscular control after childbirth. Kegel balls are the perfect accessories to help with pelvic rehabilitation. ...

$ 49.95

Floravi water based Lubricant

Always in the way of promoting sexual health, Floravi water based lubricant is ideal for women who are subject to vaginal infections. Containing no fragrance or alcohol, this lubricant is completely hypoallergenic. It does not become sticky and does not irritate the skin. Ingredients: water/aqua/eau, glycerin, propylene glycol, cellulose gum, edta, carbomer, peg- 90m,...

$ 14.95

Steri-Clean antibacterial cleaner

Steri-Clean from Floravi is an antiseptic cleaner that is safe for skin and eliminates harmful bacteria and germs.  

$ 19.95

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