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  • 2nd Skin pads

    2nd Skin® wound care products capture the essence of moist wound technology clinical research shows that a moist wound heals better, faster and reduces the risk of scar formation. Small sq
    Starting at $ 16.20
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    ActiSplint Splint

    Confortable and easy to mold For first aid and emergency Adaptable and light weight, only 180 g ActiSplint™ can be cut with scissors Not available for use in x-rays
    Starting at $ 7.88 $ 9.95
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    AcuCurve Cane massage stick

    The ergonomic AcuCurve Cane massage stick from Tigger Point relieves tight and sore muscle knots, specifically in hard-to-reach areas of the neck, back and shoulders. Featuring an ergonomic design,
    Starting at $ 28.79
  • All terry cover Chattanooga

    Manufactured in a traditional sponge material, these sponge blanket are predisposed for an intensive use in hospital are designed for high-volume use. These terry covers have velcro closures to preven
    Starting at $ 27.65
  • Aluminum Crutches

    Dynarex aluminum crutches are durable mobility aids designed for a wide range of users. The crutches feature convenient push-button height adjustment, cushioned underarm pads, and comfortable hand gri
    Starting at $ 39.40
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    Anorectal expulsion balloon catheter set

    This single-use specialized catheter set is designed for the treatment of fecal incontinence and other related disorders. This set includes the syringe and stopcock.
    Starting at $ 64.95 $ 77.10
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    Banana plug cable

    72" Banana plug to 0.08" pin cable. Available in black or red. Made with soft PVC for greater flexibility. High quality moulding.
  • Baseline XTender HiRes 360° Extendable Goniometer

    Baseline® XTender™ HiRes® 360° ISOM goniometer measures the axis and range of motion of either large or small joints. The head can move 360 degrees and has three easy-to-read scales. The primary scale
    Starting at $ 55.60
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    Basic First aid kit

    The basic first aid kit comes in a small soft pack 11.5" x 7.25" x 4".Content: 2x Pairs of Powered Latex Gloves, medium. 10x Standard Bandage 3/4" x 3". 10x Coverlet Dressing, Knuckle
    Starting at $ 9.20 $ 12.45
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    Basic First Aid Kit for taping

    This kit comes in a small size trauma bag 11" x 10" x 11".Content: 5x Pairs of Powered Latex Gloves, medium. 30x Standard Bandage 3/4" x 3". 30x Coverlet Dressing, Knuckle. 1x3 Streril
    Starting at $ 88.95 $ 116.35
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    Black extra-firm foam Roll

    Molded composite foam rollers are perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and ranging and strengthening activities. R
    Starting at $ 6.86 $ 10.60
  • Blue covers for shoes in plastic

    Blue covers for shoes available in plastic. Package of 500.
    Starting at $ 50.10
  • CanDo 360 Stick Exerciser

    Harness the power of vibration and oscillation with the CanDo 360 Stick Upper Body Exerciser. This lightweight device is specially designed to improve your strength, balance, coordination and posture.
    Starting at $ 67.30
  • Cando AccuForce Exercise Bands

    Cando® AccuForce™ is a high quality low-powder latex band. Achieve specific repeatable and measurable levels of performance with each rep. The patented indicators show exactly when four levels of elon
    Starting at $ 16.15
  • CanDo ArmaSport Balance Pads

    CanDo® ArmaSport® balance pad can be used for vestibular training, low impact aerobics and exercises. Dimensions: 16" x 20" x 2.5" Colour: Blue
    Starting at $ 81.15
  • CanDo Balance Disc

    CanDo® inflatable vestibular disc mimics the movement and shape of an inflatable ball when used on any seat. Use it on the floor as a standing disc for balance training, proprioception and strengtheni
    Starting at $ 29.85
  • CanDo Balance Stone

    The CanDo® inflatable balance stone is a versatile addition to a therapy or play regime. Can be used to practice and reinforce coordination, proprioception, and balance. Stones can be filled with wate
    Starting at $ 13.30
  • CanDo Deluxe Exerciser

    The CanDo® Deluxe digital pedal exerciser is an inexpensive and portable exerciser for both the upper and lower body. Digital LCD display keeps track of amount of exercise performed, including: Scan,
    Starting at $ 199.50
  • CanDo Latex Free Exercise Bands Rolls

    CanDo® resistive band exerciser roll is packaged in a dispenser box. Simply unroll desired length of exercise band from dispenser box and cut with scissors. CanDo® high quality synthetic latex free ex
  • CanDo Latex Free Pre-cut Exercise Band

    CanDo® resistive band exerciser is packaged in a polybag. Simply remove exercise band from polybag and it is ready to use. CanDo® high quality synthetic latex-free exercise band has been used for phys
    Starting at $ 93.30
  • CanDo Low Powder Exercise Band Rolls

    CanDo® resistive exercise band roll is packaged in a dispenser box. Simply unroll desired length of exercise band from dispenser box and cut with scissors. CanDo® high quality latex resistive exercise
    Starting at $ 12.65
  • CanDo Pre-cut Exercise Band

    CanDo® resistive band exerciser is packaged in a polybag. CanDo® is licensed to use the Thera-Band® colour sequence so resistance level is easily identified. 4-foot long, 5" wide Economic
    Starting at $ 97.00
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    Canine knee with disease stages

    Set of four life size models illustrate degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis). Disease free (normal) knee also includes additional important structures including ligaments, tendons and patella.
  • Clearance

    Canine Parasites

    It is fairly common for a dog to become infected with an external parasite at some point in its lifetime. Parasites can affect your dog in a variety of ways, ranging from simple irritation to causing
  • Cascades Pro Facial Tissue

    2 ply facial tissue. 30 boxes of 100 tissues per case.
    Starting at $ 41.95
  • New

    CAT EX Adjustment Chiro Gun

    The CAT EX is designed for clinicians who require greater thrust than traditional adjusting tools. It is the perfect solution for clinicians trained in and performing Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT),
    Starting at $ 326.30
  • New

    CAT Pro Select Adjustment Chiro Gun

    The CAT Pro Select is our premium thrust adjustment device, made from durable stainless steel. The CAT Pro Select also includes our cervical tip and velocity reducer with 15 referenced force settings
    Starting at $ 419.40
  • Clear silicone cups

    These clear silicone cups are made of high-transparent food-grade silicone, making it safe and hygienic for use.It is known that the pinch and roll technique is the most efficient to dislodge grea
    Starting at $ 9.95
  • Coinfycare Aluminium Portable Massage Table

    This aluminum massage table provides a 2.4” contoured upholstery.Features: Height adjustable of 24.8” to 33” (63 cm to 84 cm) Foam thickness: 6 cm (2.4”) Made of aluminium Carrying case includ
    Starting at $ 380.00
  • Coinfycare EL08B Electric table with breakaway

    Electric elevation: 18” to 25.5” Adjustable width tilting headpiece: 1.25”  Tilting headpiece Headpiece elevation: 4.75” Cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic drops Pelvic elevation Avai
  • ColPaC Chattanooga

    Seven different sizes of blue vinyl ColPaCs® ensure effective cold therapy regardless of body area or shape. Also available are four sizes of black polyurethane ColPaCs® that will give you an alt
    Starting at $ 12.05
  • Complete rehab and wellness Wall Station

    The TheraBand® Wall Station is the first compact, total body rehabilitation system designed for in-clinic strength training, and it features the familiar colors and resistance levels of TheraBand® cli
    Starting at $ 2,517.70
  • Conductive gel PolyGel Plus

    Contact medium for electric and ultrasound transmission. Formats: 250ml (8,3 oz), 500ml (16.6 oz) and 5L (1,32 U.S. gal).Features: Manufactured with UV filtered water Medium vi
    Starting at $ 2.10
  • CorFit Back Support Belt

    The CorFit System® is the best designed lumbosacral support on the market. Core® Products patented fitting system allows us to create supports proportionally sized in height and length, with tall
    Starting at $ 39.25
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    Cover-Roll stretch

    Single sheet tape for covering a dressing in one application. It is a breathable tape, permeable, hypoallergenic and radiolucent.Features and benefits: Soft, stretchable non-woven polyester
    Starting at $ 5.13 $ 6.20
  • Cramer 750 Athletic Tape

    Saving money doesn't mean settling for 2nd quality tape. Cramer 750 is designed to provide high end performance at a budget conscious price. Computer calibrated unwind for consistency and performan
  • Cramer 950 Athletic Tape

    Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of athletic trainers. Quality adhesive, consistent unwind, easy tear...everything an athletic trainer needs 950 delivers. Zinc Oxide Tape provides exce
  • Cushion Stability Trainer TheraBand

    Used specifically to improve balance, postural stability, proprioception and coordination. Helps reduce the incidence of falls and re-injury. Can be used to add challenge to traditional exercises, thu
    Starting at $ 51.85
  • D-Core Support Pillow

    Proper cervical support at an economical price. Patented "D" shaped center gently supports the head and neck during sleep. Filled with cool, comfortable Corefill¨ 100% polyester fiber. Durable and was
    Starting at $ 42.80
  • New

    Deluxe spinal distraction table Triton 6E

    Sporting a selection of sophisticated features, the Triton 6E from Chattanooga employs modern technology to help put the therapist in total control.Fully electric and highly adjustable, when combine
  • Digital moist heating pad Theratherm

    The Theratherm™ Moist Heat Hotpac is a digital electric moist heating pad designed for the convenience of home use. It provides temporary relief from pain association with muscle spasm and inflammatio
    Starting at $ 99.90
  • Disposable paper headrest cover

    White smooth headrest paper.
    Starting at $ 42.00
  • Double action hand pump

    This lightweight plastic pump is designed to inflate/deflate large inflatable products with less effort due to it's continuous stream of air on both the up and down stroke. Our best high volume pump w
    Starting at $ 58.85
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    Dry needles physiotherapy puncture set

    This dry needles physiotherapy puncture set (PPAS / PADS) include: 1 stainless steel instrument tray 8" x 12" x 1.375"; 2 stainless steel instrument tray 8.5" x 3" x 1.5";
    Starting at $ 124.95 $ 157.55
  • Dukal Cohesive Bandage

    The Dukal™ Cohesive Bandages can be easily torn by hand and are an excellent product when additional support is needed. This durable self adhesive wrap is well suited for use in a variety of
    Starting at $ 8.65
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    Dukal sterile non-adherent pads

    The non-adherent pads (Telfa™ type) are designed to absorb and protect the wound while promoting the healing process. The easy removal of the pad will minimize the trauma to the wound site.
    Starting at $ 14.60
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    Starting at $ 1.95 $ 4.55
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    duplex 2.0 Stethoscope

    Special membrane for precise acoustics, Ø 44 mm (1.7”), with novel non-chill rims for improved comfort on the skin Total length: 74 cm (29.1”) Weight: 151 g (5.3 oz) stainless steel, 97 g (3.4
    Starting at $ 98.28 $ 132.70
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    Dynarex CPR Mask

    The Dynarex reusable CPR mask, including a filtered inlet valve, a O2 valve and an elastic band to keep the mask in place. Comes with a carry case.
    Starting at $ 8.37 $ 10.80
  • Clearance

    DYNASYST Elastic thread

    Spool of 10 m (394"). Stretchability at least 200%. No aging after 6 weeks maximum stretching.3 different models available: # 35312 : Maximum resistance of +/- 200 g. For su
    Starting at $ 12.82 $ 37.35
  • Clearance

    Economical elastic bandage

    Economical elastic bandage available in single and double lenght
    Starting at $ 1.04 $ 1.45
  • Clearance

    EMG package for Traction unit Triton DTS

    Option avaialble for traction unit Triton DTS.
    Starting at $ 357.00 $ 642.60
  • Clearance

    Epi-Med Epicondylitis Clasp

    The Epi-Med® achieves mechanical relief of the tendon attachments at the epicondyles. The clasp compresses the forearm musculature at its largest circumference below the elbow, without impairing blood
    Starting at $ 31.50 $ 49.50
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    Waverley Glen proudly offers the ErgoSeat® to assist in seated positioning. Now, there are no restrictions to movement while repositioning when seated or preparing to go from sit to stand as the ErgoS
  • Exercise ball Pro Series SCP™ TheraBand

    TheraBand®, the brand most trusted and preferred by rehab, wellness, and active care professionals, still evolves by pushing back the limits of polymer with the Pro Series SCP exercise ball. Advanc
    Starting at $ 23.20
  • Exercise TheraBand Dispenser

    The system features single colour resistance band dispensers with 30 individually wrapped 5-foot bands. Each individual package include a bilingual insert refers patients to TheraBand® Academy fo
    Starting at $ 174.95
  • Clearance

    Female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature - 7 parts

    This pelvis is eminently suited to explanation of the female pelvic floor. The model consists of 2 hip bones, sacrum with coccyx and the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor consists of 4 components and is
    Starting at $ 1,406.24 $ 1,898.45
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    First Aid Complete kit

    The contents of this First Aid kit is inserted in a trauma Soft Kit, Small size 11" x 10" x 11". 5x Pairs of Powered Latex Gloves, medium. 100x Standard Bandage 3/4" x 3". 20x Coverlet Dress
    Starting at $ 27.95 $ 35.10
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    First Aid Complete kit for taping

    The contents of this First Aid kit is inserted in a soft small kit 19.5" x 11.5" x 13". 5x Pairs of Powered Latex Gloves, medium. 100x Standard Bandage 3/4" x 3". 100x Coverlet Dressi
    Starting at $ 52.95 $ 67.50
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    First Aid kit with belt

    The contents of this First Aid kit is inserted in a standard belt kit 10.5" x 2.75" x 5.75". 2x Pairs of Powered Latex Gloves, medium. 10x Standard Bandage 3/4" x 3". 10x Coverlet
    Starting at $ 18.10
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    Fluff filled underpads

    These fluff underpads have good absorbency, with a cellulose fill that does not shift during use. Perfect for patients in wheel chairs, beds, and other seating and laying devices. They features a whit
    Starting at $ 21.74 $ 57.60
  • Gonad Shields

    Set of 3 gonad shield (3”, 5” and 7” diameter) with belt. Man and woman sizes.
    Starting at $ 153.00
  • Clearance

    GRID STK foam roller

    3-Dimension surface channels nutrients directly to the tissue for health and mobility. Capped with AcuGrip™ handles that are uniquely designed for acute myofascial release. Water-resistant. The TPS
    Starting at $ 23.97 $ 42.29
  • Half apron

    0.5 mm Pb equivalency, durable nylon exterior.
    Starting at $ 135.00
  • Hydrocollator HotPac Chattanooga

    After more than 50 years of making the Hydrocollator HotPac, the Chattanooga® has made a dramatic improvement to its flagship product. By using a new high-tech fabric, the hydrocollator moist heat Hot
    Starting at $ 13.45
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    Hypafix Retention Sheet

    Hypafix provides dressing retention without restricting the patient's mobility. The good air and moisture permeability lets the skin breathe and prevents macerations. Wide area fixation of
    Starting at $ 5.18 $ 6.25
  • Sale

    Hypafix Transparent Retention Sheet

    The innovative waterproof film of Hypafix® transparent is very thin and stretchable while maintaining superior strength and durability. It also feels soft and adapts Features and Benefits:
    Starting at $ 17.06 $ 20.50
  • Ice Gel Pillow

    The Ice gel is a specialty pillows with high breathability and luxury feels.This specialty foam is 300 times more breathable than traditional memory foam. The instant response foam is soft to t
  • Clearance

    Image-Vet DC Dental veterinary radiology system

    The Image-Vet® DC is the latest generation of the Image-Vet® radiography generator family. ImageWorks Veterinary is exclusively devoted to the veterinary dental radiography market and is th
    Starting at $ 6,658.50 $ 9,589.00
  • Jaybird Med-Pak

    Med-Pak® tape consists of EX25 Pro in convenient packaging for small taping jobs and clinical settings. The strong Latex Free adhesive system provides for an excellent bandaging tape. Comes with serra
    Starting at $ 24.20
  • Jeanie Rub Massager

    Convenient fingertip control allows you to easily adjust speed from 1400-4600 rpm. The orbital action massage is more effective than "percussive" type massagers. Durable construction ensures year
    Starting at $ 267.10
  • Clearance

    JPI Cassettes-Screen

    Features:Optimal film contact is achieved by the use of a specially designed foam insert.Light-weight aluminum frame.Durability is greatly enhanced by resilient aluminum hinges and high-impact
    Starting at $ 120.33 $ 433.35
  • Latex Free TheraBand resistive band

    Stretchable latex rubber in eigth colour-coded thicknesses for progressive exercise of upper and lower extremelities.  Color Resistance B
    Starting at $ 77.05
  • Lead apron with quick release belt

    One piece frontal apron with adjustable 2" quick release belt and removable thyroid shield.Protection: 0.5mm pb @ 150KVP.
    Starting at $ 252.75
  • Lead apron with tie straps

    One piece frontal apron with tie straps and removable thyroid shield.Protection: 0.5mm pb @ 150KVP.
    Starting at $ 252.75
  • Light gray table paper

    Table paper lightly gray colored (non-bleached).
    Starting at $ 69.35
  • Sale

    Lightplast Pro

    Lightplast Pro is a hand-tearable elastic adhesive tape, suitable for light support and compression.  The unique fabric backing helps to conform to body movement. Ideal for all-purpose
    Starting at $ 44.37 $ 53.25
  • New

    Massager Trigger Point Impact

    Move better and recover faster with this 4-speed massager from Trigger Point, controllable percussion massage gun that helps increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue, and improve the body’s performa
    Starting at $ 252.00
  • Clearance

    Median section of a dog head

    This scaled down model of a median sectioned dog head depicts graphically the anatomy of mouth, tongue as well as throat with trachea and esophagus. Also the olfactory organ, the skull with sinuses an
    Starting at $ 99.44 $ 202.75
  • Medistik Professional Dual

    Medistik™ Dual is an analgesic that offer a hot and cold effect.Non-Staining, Colour & Paraben-Free.Ingredients of the stick 58 g: 30% Methyl Salicylate: Anti-Inflammatory, Counter Irr
    Starting at $ 24.95
  • Clearance

    Mesh Universal Sling

    The Universal Sling is easy-to-use and easy-to-fi t. It is a multipurpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. The sling comes with leg, hip and shoulder straps
  • Clearance

    Mesh/Polyester Hammock Sling

    Acknowledged by professionals as the most comfortable and supportive sling for both home and institutional use, the versatile Hammock Sling combines toileting access with full body and head support. T
  • Micropore 3M surgical tape

    The Micropore tape is the most indicated choice of all purpose adhesives and it is very soft. The Micropore™ tape is recommended for any type of dressing and to maintain stomy accessories, also very
    Starting at $ 12.75
  • Moist heat pack Relief Pak

    The moist heat pack Relief Pak® is a simple and effective method of applying moist heat to a localized area. Gives at least 30 minutes of therapeutic moist heat. Pack can be applied with a cover
    Starting at $ 13.20
  • Multi-dimensional rehabilitation System Wall Station

    The TheraBand® Wall Station is the first compact, total body rehabilitation system designed for in-clinic strength training, and it features the familiar colours and resistance levels of TheraBand® cl
    Starting at $ 1,468.70
  • Oakworks Premium Stool

    Premium 5 star black base. 14" Round swivel seat. 3" High density multi-layer padding. Bump protector edge. Pneumatic Height Range: 18" to 24" or 21&
    Starting at $ 196.60
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    Orfilastic is a terrycloth lining material with a backing of self-adhesive open cell foam. Used for covering large splint surface or for finishing splint edges to prevent and absorb perspiration. Easi
    Starting at $ 29.49 $ 76.25
  • Pain relief ointment Vitarub

    The analgesic action of the three therapeutic substance of the Vitarub (the methyl salicylate, menthol and the eucaliptol) will help relieve the muscular and articular pain and stiffness, as well as t
    Starting at $ 15.00
  • Plastic 180° digit goniometer

    Use only one hand. Using your finger, move the measurement head through flexion, extension and hyper-extension. Measures 110° flexion and 40° hyper-extension in 5° increments. Arm has 10 cm (4") scale
    Starting at $ 15.25
  • Plastic 360° ISOM goniometer

    Clear plastic permits observation of joint's axis of motion, and its range of motion. The 360° head has three scales calibrated to be used with the ISOM (International Standards Of Measurement, STFR)
    Starting at $ 9.05
  • Plastic 360° Rulongmeter Goniometer

    Transparent plastic goniometer permits observation of joint¿s axis of motion, and its range of motion. The 360° head has three scales calibrated to be used with the ISOM (International Standards of Me
    Starting at $ 6.95
  • Pocket goniometer in plastic

    Inexpensive clear plastic goniometer have 5" linear scale calibrated in inches and centimetres. Goniometer fits in shirt pocket.
    Starting at $ 6.10
  • Clearance

    Polyslip Universal Sling with taped head support

    The Universal Sling is easy-to-use and easy-to-fi t. It is a multipurpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. The sling comes with leg, hip and shoulder straps
  • Posture Medic

    The Posture Medic™ can help you improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles. By doing the stretches and exercises you can improve your posture, reduce pain and improve your overall
    Starting at $ 49.95
  • Sale


    Andover PowerFlex® is a strong, fabric-based cohesive bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power. PowerFlex® Taping System featur
    Starting at $ 20.75 $ 24.90
  • Sale


    Andover PowerSpeed® shows the same great characteristics than PowerFlex® with 30% greater tensile strength, for delivering maximum support. PowerSpeed® was designed and developed fo
    Starting at $ 59.13 $ 71.00
  • Sale


    Andover PowerTape® is a strong cohesive athletic tape that tears by hand and sticks to itself. Used in combination with PowerFlex®, the PowerTape® is part of the PowerFlex® Tapi
    Starting at $ 13.10 $ 15.75
  • PPT metatarsal bar pad

    Relieves pressure across the metatarsal heads.
    Starting at $ 7.00
  • PPT metatarsal pads

    Transfers forces from the metatarsal heads.
    Starting at $ 3.20
  • Professional Stool

    Professional chromed steel base. 13.75" (35 cm) round swivel seat. Pneumatic Height Range: 20 to 26.4" (51 to 67 cm). Casters for easy movement. Supports 350 lb (160 kg).
    Starting at $ 97.15
  • Clearance

    PVC Injection molded heel lifts

    Injection moulded PVC heel lifts are very accurately shaped and sized as a result of the injection moulding process. The lifts are light, extremely durable, and permanently maintain their thickness, l
    Starting at $ 23.40 $ 31.60
  • Clearance

    Quick Shopping

    Quick Shopping
    Starting at $ 0.00
  • Clearance

    Quilted Hammock Sling

    Acknowledged by professionals as the most comfortable and supportive sling for both home and institutional use, the versatile Hammock Sling combines toileting access with full body and head support. T
  • Clearance

    Quilted Hygiene Sling with buckle

    The Hygiene Sling was specifi cally designed for toileting and hygiene functions. Access is unrestricted for most users, making this sling ideal for independent transfer and toileting. The Hygiene Sli
  • Clearance

    Quilted Universal Sling

    The Universal Sling is easy-to-use and easy-to-fi t. It is a multipurpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. The sling comes with leg, hip and shoulder straps
  • Clearance

    Quilted Universal Sling with head support

    The Universal Sling is easy-to-use and easy-to-fi t. It is a multipurpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. The sling comes with leg, hip and shoulder straps
  • RockSauce Fire

    RockSauce Fire is a topical pain relief cream that works by providing incredibly strong heating sensations that last for hours. With powerful ingredients like menthol and capsaicin that work together
    Starting at $ 9.20
  • RockSauce Ice

    It relieves muscle and joint pain with strong 6% menthol and other active ingredients that provide a powerfully icy cooling sensation. Combined with Arnica, Green Tea and Aloe, RockSauce Ice soothes
    Starting at $ 9.20
  • Sale

    RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape

    RockTape's H2O series of tapes are designed to work in harsh environments to enhance performance and recovery. Designed explicitly for water sports, H2O delivers when others fail. Made for competition
    Starting at $ 13.59 $ 16.35
  • Sale

    RockTape Kinesiology Tape

    RockTape's Active-Recovery (AR) series of tapes are designed to enhance performance and recovery. Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, RockTape's AR series can be used both to apply compress
    Starting at $ 12.38 $ 14.85
  • Sale

    RockTape RX Kinesiology Tape

    RockTape's Active-Recovery (AR) series of tapes are designed to enhance performance and recovery. Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, RockTape's AR series can be used both to apply compress
    Starting at $ 11.16 $ 13.40
  • Sani-Spec instant hand antiseptic gel

    SANI-SPEC is an instant hand antiseptic gel used for personal hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of certain bacteria. Kills harmful bacteria or germs. Gel used without water or soap. SANI-SPEC is
    Starting at $ 6.75
  • Sanitagel hand sanitizer

    Made in Quebec. Contain Ethyle alcohol 70%. Approved by Health Canada.Pump included for the 500 ml, sold separately for the 4L. 
    Starting at $ 2.50
  • Scoliosis Shawl

    Scoliosis Shawl panels provide breast and lung protection without compromising spinal image quality.
    Starting at $ 225.00
  • Clearance

    Skull model - 3 parts

    Developing this lifelike reproduction of a human skull we have used the latest technology to digitalize a real human skull and idealized it under the aspects of medical education. This means the skull
    Starting at $ 99.29 $ 153.30
  • New

    Spinal distraction table Triton 6M

    The new Triton 6M from Chattanooga is designed to help facilitate the work of the therapist by allowing optimal positioning for patients based on the clinician’s determination for appropriate treatmen
  • Stainless steel 180° goniometer

    This stainless steel goniometer has two opposing scales marked in 1° increments. Tension between the arms is controlled by the thumb knob.
    Starting at $ 44.25
  • Stainless steel 180° goniometer

    Robinson stainless steel pocket-sized (6" long) has a 180° scale in 5° increments and a 5" (12.5 cm) linear scale.
    Starting at $ 28.10
  • Stainless steel 360° goniometer

    This stainless steel goniometer has two opposing 180° scales and one 360° scale, all marked in 1° increments. Arm tension is controlled by thumb knob.
    Starting at $ 66.35
  • Stainless steel finger goniometer (small joint)

    Stainless steel goniometer measures range-of-motion of finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints including toes. Head has two opposing 180° scales marked in 5° inc
    Starting at $ 56.20
  • Steel table with adjustable backrest

    Dimension: 27’’ wide x 76’’ long Adjustable backrest 0 - 85° Shelf included Nosehole Colours: beige, navy blue, gray and black
    Starting at $ 567.00
  • Sup-R Band Latex Free Exercise Band

    Sup-R Band™ is made from a premium latex free formula and excels compared to other exercise band. The TPE latex free formula has similar use and strength characteristics to latex exercise bands, simil
    Starting at $ 15.00
  • Clearance

    Swivel Cushion sitting pivot aid

    A low friction, circular swivel cushion is available in two standard sizes. The Swivel Cushion is made from comfortable quilted cotton on the top side and non-slip material on the underside. The swive
  • Table paper

    Medical table paper available in 3 types of quality.The economic paper is smooth and slightly transparent white colored paper.The regular paper is a higher quality paper than the economic
    Starting at $ 50.55
  • Sale

    Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    Tensoplast® is an elastic bandage, adhesive and porous, made with high quality stretchable fabric. It allows a controlled compression and firm support. Its high quality porous adhesive helps preserve
    Starting at $ 7.20 $ 8.65
  • Sale

    Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Tape

    Tensoplast® is an adhesive elastic tape made for moderate compression and support. Its superior elasticity allows it to maintain its cohesive characteristics’ and its firm and controlled
    Starting at $ 5.31 $ 6.40
  • Sale

    Tensosport Bandage

    Bleached bandage with soft fluffy edges, made of cotton and rayon fabric, coated with natural rubber porous adhesive.Features and Benefits: Porous for less maceration; Firm reliable adhesive; F
    Starting at $ 5.27 $ 6.35
  • TeWa Coated needles

    The exclusive disposable Safe-T Sleeve™ on TeWa needle ensures clean needling every time. Covered with a thin layer of silicone to reduce friction when inserted and allows the practionner
  • The Grid roll

    Forget everything you've ever known about traditional foam rolling - The Grid® is here, and it's going to take foam rolling to a whole new level.Being only 13" long and 5" in diameter, the sleek d
    Starting at $ 44.99
  • TheraBand Band Loops

    TheraBand® band loops for the first time provide continuous loop elastic bands in the same colours and resistances as authentic TheraBand® system of progressive resistance.
    Starting at $ 6.40
  • TheraBand CLX with Easy Grip Loops

    TheraBand® is breaking new ground with its latex free - Consecutive Loops. Never before has resistance training been so versatile, so simple and so inspiring. The TheraBand® CLX with Easy Grip
    Starting at $ 16.10
  • Starting at $ 15.35
  • TheraBand exercise bands kit

    Package of 3 5' long stretchable latex rubber bands. Each band is colour-coded for progressive exercises of upper and lower extremities.The light rubber kit contains a yellow, red and green band.
    Starting at $ 19.00
  • TheraBand Exercise Mats

    Made of high-density polyethylene, a lightweight non-PVC material, the mats' fabric-like surface is waterproof, wear resistant and designed for repetitive use in by physical therapists and in fitness
    Starting at $ 193.05
  • TheraBand exercises tubes kit

    Package of 5' (60") long stretchable latex tubing. Easily tied in a square knot to provide active/resistance exercises. Latex tubing are colour-coded for varying degrees of resistance. The light ru
    Starting at $ 19.00
  • TheraBand exercises tubings

    Easily tied a square knot to provide active/resistence exercise. Latex tubing is colour-coded for different degrees of resistance.   Color Resistance
    Starting at $ 19.70
  • Theraband FlexBar

    The Thera-Band® FlexBar is a lightweight and portable exerciser that improves grip and upper extremity strength. It allows oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training. It also provide
    Starting at $ 20.35
  • TheraBand Foot Roller

    The TheraBand® foot roller is used to provide temporary relief from pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and tired feet. Patients with plantar fasiciitis can use the roller as a dev
    Starting at $ 15.45
  • TheraBand Ground Exercises Station

    The TheraBand® Exercise Station combines strength, balance and flexibility exercises into one convenient system for fitness and therapy. It allows easy progression of exercises by increasing the chall
    Starting at $ 558.15
  • TheraBand hand exerciser

    Variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. Helps improve grip, increase dexterity and mobility. Hepls improve fine and gross motor skills. Can be used in hot or cold therapy. May ef
    Starting at $ 15.35
  • TheraBand Kinesiology Tape

    TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape eliminates misapplication - even for beginners - with our exclusive XactStretch™ Technology.   Our unique stretch guide indicators allow users to g
    Starting at $ 16.75
  • Starting at $ 17.95
  • TheraBand resistive bands

    Stretchable latex rubber in eigth colour-coded thicknesses for progressive exercise of upper and lower extremelities.   Color Resistance B
    Starting at $ 17.15
  • TheraBand Shoulder Pulley

    The TheraBand® shoulder pulley features a unique rope that’s divided into sections by distinct black marks. By referencing the position of these marks during exercise, patients get immediate feedback
    Starting at $ 28.25
  • TheraBand Soft weight

    The TheraBand® Soft Weight is a small, hand-held isotonic weight. Colour-coded in the TheraBand® system of progressive exercise, the soft weight offers a functional and accommodating grip that cannot
    Starting at $ 21.75
  • Therapeutica pillow

    The Therapeutica® sleeping pillow is the best pillow on the market today, for proper spinal alignment, offering a comfortable therapeutic sleep for both back and side sleeping.Features :
    Starting at $ 70.80
  • Theraputty

    The CanDo® Theraputty™ are the standard in resistive hand exercise material. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm f
    Starting at $ 5.85
  • New

    Thumper Lithium2 cordless massager

    Lithium2 combines the effectiveness and reliability of Thumper’s Mini Pro Model and Thumper’s new lithium battery technology. You get the strength of a plug-in model with the freedom and mobility of a
    Starting at $ 329.25
  • New

    Thumper Lithium8 cordless massager

    Lithium8 is the first battery-powered Thumper and the only percussive massager of its kind. Ideal for individuals looking for an electric massager without the obstruction of a cord.With its unique d
    Starting at $ 573.15
  • Thumper Maxi Pro massager

    Weighing 7 pounds (3.2kg), the Maxi Pro provides all the necessary pressure to provide a deep, strong, sensational massage. No need to add pressure, just park it on the area of choice and let it do it
    Starting at $ 458.15
  • Thumper Mini Pro massager

    The Mini Pro is a massager with robust and durable construction, designed for heavy duty use. The proven Thumper® drive system propels two ergonomically-designed massage spheres up and down a full 1/4
    Starting at $ 257.85
  • Thumper Sport Percussive Massager

    The Thumper® Sport is the massager of choice for home users. If your shoulders are stiff after your initial round of golf at the beginning of the season, if your legs are burning from a bike ride with
    Starting at $ 162.00
  • Thumper Verve Massager

    The Verve is easy to use; simply grip it like you would a computer mouse, strap the flexible band across the back of your hand and you’re ready to unleash its power. With a bit of practice, the use of
    Starting at $ 162.00
  • Transpore 3M surgical tape

    The transparent plastic rubber tape is perforated and easy to tear. It is strongly recommended for the consolidation of voluminous dressings and to maintain in place tubes, catheters and other devices
    Starting at $ 3.80
  • Tri-Core Pillow

    Enjoy proper sleeping support with our premier, antimicrobial support pillow. This is the highest quality fiber cervical pillow available today. Enjoy all the comfort of a top-line pillow with the pos
    Starting at $ 48.15
  • New

    Tri-Core Ultimate Cervical Pillow

    The Tri-Core Ultimate combines the best features of our Tri-Core Fiber Cervical Support Pillow and Therapeutica Foam Cervical Pillow to create the ultimate pillow for support and comfort! This no
    Starting at $ 79.10
  • Clearance

    Tru-Pull Lite Knee Brace

    The Tru-Pull Lite, ideally suited for adult patients with mild subluxation, mal-tracking, and patella arthritis, boasts a patented dual durometer buttress system that interfaces directly with the skin
    Starting at $ 42.85 $ 92.60
  • Twin Stim

    Dual channel. 7 modes. Timer. Patient compliance meter. 100 mA output.
    Starting at $ 71.75
  • Universal Trochanter Belt

    The trochanter belt from Core® are easy to fit - universal size. A durable, plush, 4" high 5000 closure hook-and-loop laminate body permits universal sizing with maximum support to the sacrum. El
    Starting at $ 23.25
  • Val-u-Putty Exercises Putty

    Val-u-Putty™ has the same great feel as the traditional CanDo® Theraputty® hand exercise material. Val-u-Putty™ is available in Berry™ colours. The putty material is gluten, casein and latex fre
    Starting at $ 5.20
  • Clearance

    ValuTrode auto-adhesive Electrodes

    ValuTrode® electrodes offer superior quality at an economical price. As the name implies, ValuTrode® electrodes offer incredible value, and as a result, ValuTrode® is Axelgaard’s most p
  • Vinyl and leather cleaner

    Hill Leather Cleaner & Conditionner is specially formulated to provide leather furnishings, treatment table, char, accessories, and car interiors with the highest quality leather care available. T
    Starting at $ 15.45
  • Clearance

    White foam rolls

    Polyethylene foam rollers quickly improves hip-mobility, core flexibility, and dynamic strength. Aligns entire body for improved performance and rehab. Start with the 1/2 round rollers, moving to full
    Starting at $ 4.28 $ 6.35
  • White Swan Facial tissue

     White Swan® 2ply facial tissue. 30 boxes of 100 tissues per case.
    Starting at $ 53.90
  • Clearance

    Wrist extension coil spring

    Stainless steel spring. Two types supplied: coiled left or right. Torque force when tightened over an angle of 130°: 5 000  Gauge 1/16” (1.5 mm) Coil diameter : 3/5” (15 mm) 10 pi
    Starting at $ 37.36 $ 50.45

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