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Intelect® Advanced and Intelect® Mobile Ultrasound applicators

Pre-calibrated, waterproof and ergonomically designed sound heads which operate at 1 and 3.3 MHz frequencies. The applicators are equipped with coupling indicators and are interchangeable between all Intelect® Advanced and Intelect® Mobile units. They are available in a variety of sizes for treating multiple conditions.

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Intelect® Transport and XT Ultrasoun applicators

Ergonomic appllicators that fits naturally in the hand with an indicator light. Available in 1cm², 2cm², 5cm² and 10cm².

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Intelect® TranSport® Ultrasound

Lightweight design, along with battery-powered option and custom designed mobile carrying bag, make transport easy. Ultrasound is a mechanical stimulus delivered to the body by means of an ultrasound beam emitted out of an applicator. This ultrasound beam is generated in the ultrasound head by means of a crystal and transmitted...

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Intelect® Mobile Ultrasound

The Intelect® Mobile and Intelect® Transport Ultrasound Therapy units are designed uniquely for tabletop, wall mount, therapy system cart or mobile use. It's lightweight design, along with battery powered option and custom designed mobile carrying bag, make transport easy. Intelect® Mobile Features: 1 and 3.3 MHz frequencies. 5 cm...

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Sonicator® 718 & 719 Portable Ultrasound

Revolutionary Hand-Held Ultrasound Mettler Electronics’ newest therapeutic ultrasound is the Sonicator® 718. This full powered (2 Wcm² continuous, 3 Wcm² pulsed), new ultrasound is so portable that it fits into the palm of your hand. To get your wall-power-free experience started, it will come with a rechargeable lithium ion battery...

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Sonicator® 740 Ultrasound

The Sonicator® 740 is 1 and 3 MHz therapeutic ultrasound unit that comes standard with a 5cm2 dual frequency applicator. It is light-weight and portable and features a universal applicator cable to make changing applicators quick and easy. There is an optional rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that truly allows...

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SoundCare™ Plus Ultrasound

Comes complete with two sounds head, 1 cm and 5 cm User can switch between dual soundheads with the push of a single button 1 MHz and 3 MHz frequencies 20 user defined presets with pulsed and continuous therapy Ergonomic handle design 2 years warranty

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US Pro 2000™ Portable Ultrasound

The US Pro 2000™ Professional Grade is a strong and durable clinical grade ultrasound destinate for a personal use (3-5 times per week). This device has 3 intensity settings and comes with a carrying case, gel and an AC adapter. Working Frequency: 1.0MHz+-10% Max Value Power Output: 9.60W+-20% (Duty Cycle 100%) Power Output:...

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